10 Pharmacy Assistant Achievements for Resume

Updated: June 24, 2023

It is important to understand the purpose of writing professional achievements on your resume before actually writing them.

Achievements are written to provide evidence of your competencies for the employers and give them an idea of what value you can bring to their firm if hired.

Achievements can be personal as well as professional. Personal achievements include appreciation letters, awards, or titles you earned based on your performance while professional ones include the instances where an action done by you benefitted the organization you work for in monetary or business terms.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Document the most relevant and meaningful accomplishments in an employer-centered manner so the employers can instantly see a connection between your profile and the vacancy.
  • State your achievements by adding figures, numbers, and percentages.

Here are 10 sample achievements for a pharmacy assistant resume:

Sample Accomplishments for Pharmacy Assistant Resume

  1. Revamped the insurance claiming process by establishing timeline-based policies, reducing claim processing time by 1 day on average.
  2. Reorganized the shelves and storage areas, cut down medicine recovery and tonic preparation time by 20%
  3. Increased overall sales by 30% through swift and accurate dispensing of medicines in a customer service-oriented manner.
  4. Developed and initiated a composition chart sticker format with all specifications of special preparations elevating the accuracy of dispensed formulae up to 100%.
  5. Implemented a color-coded system to segregate medicines that were hazardous, had a short shelf life, and/ or required special storage protocols and was highly appreciated for the same.
  6. Streamlined the entry process in software for all sold prescriptions to ensure daily updating of sales and returns or special formula requests.
  7. Trained 3 new apprentices in the last year in prescription preparation, software handling, inventory keeping, and insurance processing.
  8. Liaised with third-party vendors to ensure a timely supply of special prescriptions and surgical materials.
  9. Ensured 100% availability of all medicines and patent supplies in the store through effective inventory management.
  10. Pioneered in setting up a 24-hour helpline regarding pharmaceutical concerns of patients and doctors which was later implemented in other branches as well.

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