Furniture Delivery Driver Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: October 26, 2017

An interview can go in your favor or against you – and all this is in your hands. If you make an effort to ace it, nothing in the world can stop you from being successful at it.

If not, you may be showing up for a lot of interviews before you find the perfect job.

Before you venture out on the interview adventure, make sure that you are prepared for it.

Below is a set of interview questions and answers for a furniture delivery driver to help you along:



Furniture Delivery Driver Interview Questions and Answers


What is the first thing that you do when you begin your shift each day?
My first job as a furniture delivery driver is to make sure that the vehicle that I am driving is properly inspected, and is up and running.

Tell us of your experience in the role of a furniture delivery driver.
I have worked as a furniture delivery driver for over 8 years now. My work includes following instructions on work orders, ensuring that furniture items are picked up and delivered in a timely manner. It is also my responsibility to make sure that all loaded furniture is properly secured in place, and that the shortest and safest routes are mapped.

What is the one skill that you depend on highly when performing your duties?
As a delivery driver, I have to depend on an amalgamation of skills to make my work successful. The most important is my ability to prioritize my work, which I believe is what matters most in this work.

How do you prioritize your work?
Prioritizing my work is easy, as I make sure that I follow specific instructions provided to me. These include delivery orders and timelines. I place the most important deliveries on the top of my list.

What do you like most about your work?
To be honest, I like every aspect of my work. I love the fact that I am entrusted with items that are often quite expensive, and I make sure that I live up to the expectations of my employers, and those of the customers.

What does customer service mean to you?
For me, customer satisfaction is of the greatest importance. The reason that I place so much emphasis on ensuring that timelines are met, and that all the furniture that I am responsible for is properly secured during transit, is because I take customer service very seriously.