10 Computer Technician Achievements for Resume

Updated: June 23, 2023

Replacing or augmenting your job duties in the work experience section of your resume with your achievements can really revitalize your resume.

Mentioning job descriptions in the experience section has been a standard practice for a long when it comes to resume writing. But increasing competition in the job market calls for innovation in resume writing techniques as well, and that’s where professional achievements come in.

The achievement statement must have three components: skill to be highlighted, tasks performed, and impact or result. Make sure your achievements encompass all three.

Here are 10 achievements for a computer technician resume to serve as a sample for you.

Sample Accomplishments for Computer Technician Resume

  1. Saved the company from a potential loss of IP-based assets by proactively conducting audit scanning of the network IP address range.
  2. Saved the client a replacement cost of $20000 by timely diagnosing and troubleshooting hardware issues in a high-speed supercomputer.
  3. Updated and configured 200+ PCs with the company network ensuring 100% connectivity and fast browsing speed for all employees of the client firm.
  4. Trained 5 internees in software updating, hardware installation, configuration, basic hardware repairing, and domain networking.
  5. Retrieved sensitive data from a client’s PC using highly specialized data retrieval skills and expertise in hard drive analysis and diagnostics.
  6. Maintained a 100% customer satisfaction rating for the past year through the delivery of excellent customer services in PC maintenance and troubleshooting.
  7. Increased client base by up to 20% by providing unmatched, customer service-oriented troubleshooting services to clients on the helpline and in person.
  8. Reduced the average PC repair time by 4 hours through the implementation of a systematic diagnostic routine and new application installation protocols.
  9. Pioneered in setting up remote computers with high tech infra-red based camera systems and configured the attached monitors for surveillance, also trained 6 employees in same.
  10. Set up and configured 50+ virtual desktops and laptops during the past 6 months and maintained all the systems in working condition.

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