11 Delivery Driver Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: August 18, 2021

It must have taken you much effort and a lot of hard work to make it to the interview stage finally. You must have sweated over your resume and cover letter for a delivery driver position.

The waiting time after sending your application might have been quite stressful.

Now that you are at the interview stage, you cannot possibly mess things up.

We get very few chances at jobs, and it is important not to ruin our chances!

The dread of being asked questions by strangers and not being sure of how to answer questions asked during an interview can make the best of us very nervous.

We fear that we may say something wrong and be branded unprofessional. But interviews do not have to be such a source of anxiety or uncertainty.

The trick is to make sure that you are ready for the questions you might be asked. You must provide short and to-the-point answers; of course, you should not cut your answers so that their essence is lost.

All questions that you will be asked will carry a lot of weight and answer them correctly will help you move on to the next stage – the second interview or direct employment.

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Yake a look at the following interview questions and their answers asked for the position of the delivery driver to figure this out.

11 Common Delivery Driver Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why should we hire you?

I offer class A CDL and 5+ years of experience as a delivery driver. I am well-spoken, good at interpersonal skills, courteous, and polite. 

Also, I have a demonstrated ability to maintain positive working relationships with clients along with a track record of making on-time deliveries irrespective of the road and weather conditions.

2. What is your expertise as far as types of vehicles are concerned?

I am an expert in driving panel trucks, box trucks, and trailers.

3. Tell us something about your driving record.

I have not yet had any citations or been given a ticket owing to my careful driving.

I will be honest and tell you that I did have a minor accident once when a truck violated a traffic signal and scraped the vehicle that I was driving but thankfully no damage was done.

4. What is the importance of time management and geographical knowledge in this work?

Both time management and knowledge of areas one is working in are very important.

Delivery drivers need to make sure that they deliver goods on time so that customers do not complain – a driver’s time management skills reflect the company’s service.

Geographical knowledge is essential because there is no way one can make timely deliveries if one does not know where to go!

5. What duties are delivery drivers required to perform apart from driving trucks to do deliveries?

A delivery driver assists with loading and unloading activities along with making sure that customer signatures are obtained on receipts.

He also needs to make sure that the vehicle under his care is safe to drive – performing preventative and general maintenance activities is an integral part of a delivery driver’s work.

6. How would you differentiate the job of a delivery driver from that of a regular truck driver?

A regular truck driver’s duties are limited to truck loading/unloading, driving, log keeping, and vehicle maintenance while a delivery truck driver co-serves as a customer services representative.

He/she must possess basic knowledge of products being delivered and demonstrate strong customer dealing skills.

7. What were your duties at the previous workplace?

At my previous workplace, I was responsible for vehicle loading/unloading, preventive maintenance, daily delivery of supplies on a fixed route till one o’clock, and product delivery on new routes in the afternoon.

Additional tasks included log maintenance, upkeep of fueling records, and occasional money collection from clients on behalf of the company.

8. Share an experience where you had to work in a team?

During the last holiday season, while I was working at Dairy Queen, we were short of two drivers. The remaining three drivers and I had to divide up the deliveries amongst us. We coordinated with our manager and divided up the two driver’s routes in chunks. Then after a lot of consideration, we distributed the workload equally, and it worked out very well.

9. Describe a stressful situation that tested your skills?

Once I had this very important ice cream delivery order. The order was due to reach a wedding venue on a long-distance route. Due to the nature of the product, it could not be delivered in advance.

When I started off, I received information that the road and weather condition was bad. There was thick fog all through the way, and driving was difficult.

Very slowly and persistently I continued my journey and finally delivered the order on time.

10. What is more important to you money or work?

The channel of money is through work so for me; work is of primary importance. Out of so many professions I chose to be a delivery driver because I was attracted to this job and I enjoy every minute of it. My job makes me happy.

11. Do you drive comfortably in unfamiliar areas?

Yes! My GPS navigation and map reading skills are excellent, and one of the reasons that inspired me to take up this profession was to be able to explore new places. I welcome every opportunity of making a journey in an unseen territory as a new challenge.

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