Bus Driver Resume Objective Examples

Updated on August 21, 2018

Buses provide an essential transportation medium and bus drivers are critical players in the equation. From school buses to long-distance ones, buses are an extremely important mode of transportation. The primary job of a bus driver is to drive a bus, but there are some other functions that he is expected to perform such as providing customer services and assisting passengers.

Bus drivers pick up passengers from one point and drop them off to their destinations. They are required to possess extensive knowledge of the vehicle’ components that they are driving so that in the event of a breakdown, they may manage things efficiently.

Bus drivers are required to have clean driving records as they have many peoples’ safety in their hands. They also need to possess some important skills which they may portray in a resume objective when applying for a job in this regard. Let us see how this can be done:

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Bus Driver Resume Objective Examples

• A Bus Driver position with Green Hall Schools. Offers a clean driving record of ten years, excellent navigation skills and the ability to drive different models of buses.

• Looking for a Bus Driver position at the ABC Suburban utilizing excellent navigation skills along with the ability to manage passengers safely around the city.

• Seeking a Bus Driver position with the Nashville High School. Bringing expertise in driving a bus full of children and excellent know-how of geographical locations in and around Nashville.

• Looking for a position as a Bus Driver with City Transit. Complete knowledge of city routes, traffic laws, and state and federal transit regulations. Eager to provide passengers with the best transportation services.

• To work as a Bus Driver for Rapid Transit Buses where I may be able to employ my training in driving buses between cities in a safe manner.

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