Bus Driver Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 7, 2019

How to Write a Bus Driver Cover Letter?

• It is crucial to start a bus driver cover letter with a strong sentence that persuades the employer to read the rest of your cover letter.

• If possible, include some of your relevant accomplishments.


• Make sure you put information that is not a duplicate of your resume.

• Remember to keep it short; three to four paragraphs on one page are good enough.

The following cover letter template for bus driver resume will give you a good start in building your job application set.



Bus Driver Cover Letter Example


Bruce Tyler
69 Lake Lane
Houston, TX 88881
(000) 457-1421
[email protected]

July 7, 2019

Ms. Barbra Mason
Personnel Manager
ABC Company
12 Turnberry Circle
Houston, TX 73663


Dear Ms. Mason:

I am writing to express a keen interest in the Bus Driver position currently available at ABC Company. My current class B CDL with passenger endorsement, experience as a bus driver, commitment to passenger’s safety and comfort, and understanding of the needs of the tourists will help me contribute to your company.

My experience as a bus driver goes back to 1999 when I drove my first ever route. Since then, I worked with four different companies and had always received commendation regarding my driving skills and manners. I am well versed in reading maps and road signs. I understand the importance of interacting and responding to passenger requests in a friendly and courteous manner while maintaining professionalism.

Keeping in mind the fact the passenger safety is the most crucial aspect of this line of work, I pay particular attention to pre-trip and post-trip inspections to ensure safe vehicle operation. Driving 30’, 35’ and 40’ buses to transport passengers on assigned routes for more than a decade, I have developed a keen awareness of traffic rules and regulations.

With my training and hands-on experience, I know I can contribute efficiently to the ABC Company, and would like to discuss this in detail. My bus driving expertise is a matter of record, and I hope you will be convinced when we meet.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Bruce Tyler

(000) 457-1421


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