2 Attorney Resume Samples (9 Writing Tips)

Updated on: December 20, 2021

Since the legal profession involves a lot of public dealing and judgment regarding people, HR managers in this profession are a bit difficult to impress. 

That is to say, an ordinary attorney resume will not earn an interview for an attorney position. It must be crafted to suit the needs of the employer.

How to Write a Perfect Resume for Attorney Position?

The following 9 tips will help you in writing a great attorney cover letter.

  1. Start the resume using a professional career summary statement.
  2. Include information about your core competencies and skills.
  3. Mention your quantitative achievements at the top of the experience section.
  4. Write your educational information at the end of your resume.
  5. Do not underline, highlight, or shadow text.
  6. Avoid using any graphics.
  7. Do not mention personal bio-data such as marital status or religious orientation.
  8. Include only positive information about your candidacy.
  9. Never fold or staple your resume, make sure the print is on a presentable and high-quality paper.

Below are attorney resume samples for your further guidance.

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Attorney Resume Sample 1

David Owen
 450 Ivory Ave, Charlotte, NC 28001
(000) 222-6323
[email protected]


Accomplished and versatile law professional with special expertise in the fields of corporate and civil law. Record of handling complex legal matters in a time-efficient manner. Documented success in addressing high-risk legal situations timely and effectually. Skillful in legal counseling and advisory services. Extensive knowledge base in legal practice, city ordinance, and charter provisions. Results-driven approach in drafting and reviewing legal documents. Multistate licensure to practice law.


• Authored Memoranda for policy-making based on investigative results from corporate business cases extending over a period of five years.
• Developed an Internal Auditing System which enhanced the efficiency of the firm’s legal practice by 60%.
• Evaluate court validity of various documents including bankruptcy clauses, regulatory disclosures, right provisions, and the like.
• File cases for court proceedings after extensive legal research and interaction with clients and third-party representatives.
• Formulate court pleadings, memoranda, and briefs for case hearing.

DAVIS WRIGHT LLP, Charlotte, NC     
• Earned the ‘Most Talented Paralegal’ award in 2010.
• Drafted correspondences and case file documents for court use.
• Facilitated research of assigned cases.
• Analyzed witnesses and evidence and verified the same.

Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Law
DH LAW COLLEGE, Charlotte, NC – 2007

– Client Representation
– Legal Advice
– Case Research
– Pre-Case Motions
– Dispute Resolution
– Court Hearings
– Ordinance Analysis
– Case Filing
– Evidence Compilation
– Litigation Evaluation
– Legal Terminology
– Case Review

Proficient in various PC and software operations

Attorney Resume Sample 2 With Less Experience

Walter Jackson
900 Soundview Lane
New Canaan, CT 85475
(000) 999-3232

• 3+ years of functional knowledge of working as an attorney
• Highly skilled in handling a variety of legal assignments and projects
• Proficient in conducting legal research and assisting senior attorneys
• Hands-on experience handling moderate to complex negotiations in and out of court
• Substantial legal public protection, prosecution, and trial experience

• Excellent knowledge of legal terminology
• Strong written and oral advocacy skills
• In-depth knowledge of federal laws a policies
• Demonstrated familiarity with the rules of evidence and civil discovery

• Researched information on a case for which no precedents could be found and managed to apply that information towards the success of the trial.
• Wrote a manual on researching precedents and their application in modern legal cases.


Boxed Attorneys – New Canaan, CT     
Sep 2018 – Dec 2021
• Negotiated, drafted, and reviewed contracts
• Reviewed subpoenas and responded to third-party requests for documentation
• Conducted comprehensive research on legal cases
• Advised clients regarding legal rights and obligations
• Interpreted laws and regulations for clients
• Presented cases in courts of law
• Gathered evidence for/against as and when required
• Formulated defense and initial legal actions

New Canaan Law College, New Canaan, CT – 2017

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