Preschool Director Resume Sample

Updated on: February 5, 2021

Preschool teachers may be a great influence on young learners, but without the input and supervision of preschool directors, the whole deal may not be as well handled as we would like to think so.

Preschool directors are administrative professionals who perform many duties such as hiring and training preschool staff, advertising and marketing the school’s services, and supervise teachers and staff.

People who work as preschool directors are usually employed after a sizeable experience as preschool teachers as they are required to know firsthand how preschool students need to be handled.

If you are thinking of applying for an advertised position of a preschool director, the following resume sample may come in handy.

Preschool Director Resume Example

Tamara Cooper
410 Wilson Hill Road, Merrimack, NH 77790
(000) 999-1012


Positive and upbeat educationalist with 15+ years’ experience in handling preschool operations including facility management, quality assurance, and human resources management. Competentint preschool program development and implementation. Acknowledged for efficiently handling administrative and operative directives of a preschool environment. Extensive background in various financial tasks such as identifying resources to support school budgets and expenses.

• Arranged several training workshops for preschool teachers which engendered quality educational instructions to preschool students
• Developed and implemented a teacher assessment program which screened preschool teachers every three months to determine needs for training
• Trained 17 teachers and teachers’ aides for working in a demanding preschool environment
• Designed a particularly interesting and novel preschool program which is in sync with the international standards of interactive learning


Preschool Director
Phoenix Children’s Academy, Merrimack, NH
2015 – Present
• Develop weekly academic schedules for preschool teachers
• Assist in developing individualized class curriculums
• Provide feedback on lesson plans and interactive activities
• Assume responsibility for the daily operational and administrative needs of the preschool
• Provide community outreach support and act as a liaison between preschool staff and students’ families
• Supervise student registration and enrollment procedures

Preschool Director
City School, Merrimack, NH
2008 – 2015
• Independently planned annual school calendar
• Worked with preschool staff to determine needs for changes or additions to classrooms and playgrounds
• Provided appropriate vision for program development activities
• Oversaw tuition fees and student records
• Handled teachers’ training and deployment needs

Preschool Teacher
Little Dewdrops – Merrimack, NH
2002 – 2008
• Created and implemented class curriculum for an entire academic year
• Designed and implemented lesson plans per each preschooler’s individual needs
• Assisted in ensuring that preschoolers’ needs for social, mental, cognitive, and physical development are constantly met
• Ensured an environment conducive to learning
• Managed student behavior and conferred with parents in cases of extreme indiscipline
• Imparted instruction according to lesson plans
• Trained teachers’ aides to work appropriately in a preschool environment

BS Degree in Education
New Hampshire State University, Merrimack, NH | 2000