School Director Resume Sample

Updated on: April 15, 2018

You cannot be easy where resumes are concerned.

Resume writing is complicated, and you have to aim to come out on top of the competition.

Here is a format to help you do this:




School Director Resume Example



Maria Benjamin
1092 Walton Avenue, Fargo, ND58612
(000) 854-5214
[email protected]


Highly experienced school director, with exceptional comprehension of implementing a menu of needs-driven, high-quality academic programs, in compliance with school models, and federal and state regulations. Proficient in expanding learning opportunities, parent inclusion, and direct material assistance. Builds and develops school staff members toward exceptional outcomes, related to academia.


• Teaching Staff Allocation • Course Selection • Training and Development
• Program Evaluation • Records Oversight • Educational Leadership
• Fiscal Oversight • Strategic Planning • Personnel Management
• Board Relations • System Leadership • School Analysis

• Responsible for suggesting incorporation of an inclusion program for students with physical disabilities.
• Singlehandedly implemented a series of programs, based on the IB methods of learning.
• Introduced a staff development system, which proved to be much superior to the one already being followed.
• Implemented a student records management system, which was 65% more secure than the one already in use.


School Director
Primrose School, Fargo, ND | 2012 – Present
• Take necessary steps to ensure the provision of a safe and caring environment for students and staff members.
• Meet with principals and administrators on a regular basis to determine their training needs.
• Provide leadership in all matters relating to academics, including curriculum development, and lesson planning.
• Ensure that effective and appropriate educational programs are delivered to all students.
• Work with school management to ensure that their fiscal management is on par with standards.
• Ascertain the implementation of effective educational systems, according to established guidelines.
• Create and maintain positive work relationships with school boards in the district.
• Establish effective communication strategies to keep the district informed of school issues and statuses.

Assistant School Director
Richard School System, Fargo, ND | 2007 – 2012
• Assisted in the day to day operations of the school facility, in designated areas.
• Ascertained that all school activities were performed within state and federal limitations.
• Assisted in creating and implementing academic plans to meet the individual needs of all students.
• Oversaw and monitor instructional programs by reviewing lesson plans, and observing classroom data.
• Provided support in handling teacher training programs, and ensured that additional training needs were identified.

North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND – 2005
Master’s Degree in Education