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Director of Finance and Administration Resume Sample

It might seem that writing a resume for a finance and administration director position is a huge job. However, the right information and proper placement can do wonders for one’s ability to make a good resume.   As a director of finance and administration, you will have a lot of responsibility on your plate. That… Read More »

Director of Finance and Administration Cover Letter Sample

Working as a director of finance and administration means working in a position that offers a lot of responsibility. If you want to convince a hiring manager that you are the best person to hire for this position, your cover letter has to be top-notch.   In order to do this, you must ensure that… Read More »

Assistant Athletic Director Resume Sample

Assistant Athletic Director Resume writing becomes easy if the format that you are using is not cumbersome. To base your resume on, you can go through the following resume sample:         Assistant Athletic Director Resume Example     Sarah Greene 18 Mobile Avenue, Dothan, AL 65288 (000) 999-9999 [email protected] ASSISTANT ATHLETIC DIRECTOR… Read More »

Assistant Athletic Director Cover Letter Example

Writing a cover letter for Assistant Athletic Director position is considered one of the most difficult of things to do, whereas it is probably the easiest to manage. People usually find it tiresome because they are unaware of what the work entails. An individual who knows his or her work inside out, and what a… Read More »

Athletic Director Resume Sample

A resume is the backbone of an Athletic Director job application set. If not written with care, it can make the entire set fall. To see what format you can base your resume on to make it successful, have a look at the following sample:       Athletic Director Resume Sample     Craig… Read More »