Child Care Assistant Director Resume Sample

Updated on: June 23, 2022

A resume for a childcare director position isn’t a document that you must fill up with information that you think is useful.

In fact, it needs to be filled up with information that is useful to the employer.

What the employer wants to know about you is what he should be able to read in your resume.

Here is a resume sample to help you decide what type of information to place in yours:

Child Care Assistant Director Resume Example

Reeva Ramp
7002 10th Street E
Williston, SD 74125
(000) 655-5210
reevaramp @email .com


Performance Summary: Highly competent child care professional with a track record of success in managing dedicated child care facilities hosting a diverse population. Highly experienced in planning, managing, and executing individualized childcare plans. A devoted and empathetic person with a great ability to interact positively with parents and children on a daily basis. Effectively facilitate cognitive, language, social, emotional, and physical development of children.

• Child Development • Diversity Acceptance
• Staff Hiring/Development • Classroom Observation
• Relationship Building • Environment Modification
• Documentation • Security Reviews
• Behavior Guidance • Human Resource Support
• Revenue Coordination • Family Relations
• Teachers Training • Multi-age Programs

• Implemented an inclusion program, which increased community interest in the child care center.
• Developed and implemented a series of age-appropriate learning programs to meet the individual needs of each student.
• Introduced a family relations program, resulting in strengthening of relations with students’ families.
• Increased the security of the premises by implementing a dynamic security plan, involving well-placed evacuation systems.


Child Care Assistant Director
Sunrise Learning Academy, Williston, ND
2017 – Present
• Assist in creating and implementing strong, cohesive teams to manage the child care center.
• Provide insight into developing and implementing core programs to meet the individual learning needs of each student.
• Lead and supervise teaching teams through effective communication and collaboration.
• Create a positive environment for both staff members and students to thrive in, placing special focus on comfort levels.
• Help the director with school operations by ensuring that all established standards and protocols are met.

Child Care Assistant Director
AA Daycare, Williston, ND
2009 – 2017
• Sparked imagination in students, build their self-esteem and helped them discover new things through effective teaching methods.
• Ensured the safety and comfort of each student and staff member by employing expertise in creating conducive environments.
• Created and maintained effective liaison with parents to ensure that they were made aware of their children’s progress.
• Created and implemented core school curriculum in sync with school and federal procedures.

Preschool Teacher
The Sunshine House, Williston, ND
2005 – 2009
• Developed lesson plans based on individual students’ learning limitations and prowess.
• Imparted lessons to ensure that students’ cognitive, physical, emotional, and educational requirements are fulfilled.
• Oversaw students’ behavior and handled any discipline issues by remaining within the limits set by the school management.
• Assessed students on a regular basis to gauge the efficacy of the learning program.

Master’s Degree in Child Development
North Dakota State University, Williston, ND