Preschool Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on July 28, 2015

Successfully understanding the radical change overtaking recruitment and resumes is important, simply because it will lead you through the candidate screening process. If you don’t want your job search stalling out after you have submitted a resume, you have to be meticulous in writing the resume in the first go. It is uncomfortable submitting a resume and then not hearing from the company. This is unfortunately the norm in many instances. But it is not unavoidable.

Recruitment processes have turned digital now and thriving in such a landscape can be challenging. Resume writing is not what it used to be. It is now more intense than ever before. Putting in information in a resume exactly how the employer wants is important.

Following is a sample of a targeted resume for a preschool coordinator that should help you understand this:


Preschool Coordinator Resume Sample


Sarah Lomani

12 Panorama Drive ● Fountain Hills, AZ 88990 ● (999) 999-9999 ● s.lomani @ email . com

 Preschool Coordinator

PERFORMANCE SUMMARY: Self-directed, resourceful and enthusiastic individual with a genuine interest in preschool education and a strong ability to coordinate efforts to ensure delivery of exceptionally well-placed educational programs for preschoolers. Proven track record of developing and implementing individualized educational programs.


• Demonstrated expertise in identifying educational opportunities through student identification and assessments
• Well-versed with media technology aimed at handling education coordination activities in sync with advanced directives
• Documented success in training parents to meet the special needs of their children


• Student Assessment• Presentation• Inclusion
• Policies Implementation• Needs Evaluation• Program Management
• Communication• Child Development• Self-help Directives

• Trained 16 preschool teachers in using the right tone and voice to encourage children’s confidence and motivation
• Put in place a pre-IB program that helped screen preschoolers ready for the IB PYP program
• Designed and implemented two separate preschool curriculums for regular students and those with special needs
• Planned, organized and led a series of project based activities for preschoolers which increased their interest in school


RAINBOW EDUCATION, Fountain Hills, AZ | May 2014 – Present
Preschool Coordinator
• Design, develop and implement specialized curriculums to meet the varying needs of preschoolers
• Ascertain that each planned lesson is developmentally correct and age-specific
• Plan and implement school activities, both indoor and outdoor to assist students in meeting their extracurricular needs
• Interview students to determine their suitability to be admitted to a preschool program
• Induct students into programs by developing their interest in the learning processes
• Evaluate teaching materials to ensure that appropriate education is being imparted to them
• Maintain records of students and staff members and ensure that all data is properly secured and kept confidential
• Organize special events such as annual days, picnics, plays and sign-alongs
• Supervise the maintenance, repair and procurement of preschool supplies and equipment
• Fill in as lead teacher in the event of absenteeism and ensure that preschoolers follow class direction

SOME SCHOOL, Fountain Hills, AZ | Jan 2011 – May 2014
Preschool Teacher
• Developed preschool curriculum based on the individual needs of each student
• Created and imparted lessons to teach preschoolers about basic language concepts
• Monitored classroom activities to ensure safety and wellbeing of students
• Worked with teacher aides to research for educational materials
• Observed students for signs of distress or discomfort and addressed their issues immediately
• Handled students’ physical and emotional needs by providing them with support such as changing diapers and helping in eating lunch
• Communicated observations to parents and provided advice on how to handle specific issues

STATE UNIVERSITY, Fountain Hills, AZ – 2010
M.S. Education