Assistant Program Director Job Description and Duties

Updated on: February 21, 2021
Assistant Program Director Job Description

Working in a defined leadership role, assistant program directors handle program resources in order to ensure that they meet the mission of a program.

They are responsible for maintaining priorities of the personnel involved in a program and also make sure that each project is delivered within the budget and on time.

Assistant program directors work under the supervision of a program director or leader who actually defines the scope and deliverables of a program. It is the duty of an assistant program director to bring together the various elements that contribute to the success of a program.

They are basically administrative professionals who have in-depth knowledge of how a program is expected to work and ensure that the missions of each individual project are met properly.

Also, they manage staff and resources to make sure that the success of a program is imminent and also arrange for funding.

Moreover, they create and maintain liaison with many grant organizations and are also expected to prepare and deliver presentations to put across the goals of a particular project.

A high level of written and oral communication skills are an absolute must for assistant program directors as they need to be very hands-on when communicating a project’s needs to the key players.

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Assistant Program Director Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide support to the planning and implementation of each individual program
  • Ensure that the mission or goal of each program is communicated to the key players
  • Act as the first point of contact and a resource for program information
  • Develop budget requirements and ensure administering of budgets and reports
  • Oversee and monitor expenditures and need for budget reforms
  • Interview, select and train program staff to ensure the efficacy of the program
  • Delegate duties to staff to ensure program efficiency
  • Ensure that all performance goals are met by constant supervision and mentorship
  • Plan event calendar and assign duties to all key players within a program
  • Handle fundraising activities and special events in order to attain grants and resources
  • Drive departmental initiatives to ensure the success of each program
  • Contribute to effective filing and placement of information
  • Generate informational reports for reference purposes
  • Handle presentations and workshops to ensure that the program is heading towards meeting its objectives
  • Assist in the coordination of processes in accordance with proposals and directives
  • Ensure deadlines are met effectively and that appropriate resources are available for key program players throughout the term of the project

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