Assistant Finance Director Job Description and Duties

Updated March 24, 2021
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Position Overview

The need for planning, organizing, and providing administrative direction in the areas of finance and budgeting holds great importance for any organization.

Taking directions from a finance director, assistant finance directors exercise general direction and supervision over staff.

Assuming the management responsibility of financial programs and participating in the development and implementation of the business goals of the company are just a few of the duties that an assistant finance director performs.

Since budgeting is an integral part of any organization’s financial work, assistant finance directors handle budget planning and even supervise payroll services in some instances.

People working at this senior position have a lot on their plate as this work involves supervision and direction on a lot of tiers.

They handle audit management and also oversee general ledger management activities.


To understand the demands of this position more profoundly, have a look at the following list of job duties associated with this position.


Assistant Finance Director Duties and Responsibilities

• Assist CFO in handling operational and managerial activities of the department

• Handle preparation duties for bulk purchases and legal services

• Maintain grant records and associated documentation

• Assist in documenting system and accounting procedures

• Assume management responsibility for the company’s primary financial functions

• Handle the implementation directives of the company’s goals and objectives in sync with financial goals

• Provide support in development and assistant of annual budgets and forecast the need for additional funds

• Monitor and evaluate the efficacy of service delivery methods and procedures

• Assess and monitor workload and administrative support needed to handle staffing requirements to manage financial activities

• Provide support in planning, directing, and coordinating the finance department’s work plans by meeting with staff to identify problems and providing resolutions

• Assign projects and programmatic responsibility areas to team

• Act as a liaison between the finance department and other departments

• Prepare financial reports and review and present them to the finance director

• Monitor fund balances and ensure that appropriate funds are generated for each project

• Perform research activities in order to gauge discrepancies of payroll information

• Oversee accurate expenditure posting activities

• Review budgets to determine if budget amendments may be needed

• Supervise assigned personnel by directing their work, training them, and handling performance appraisals

• Oversee monthly reconciliation of bank statements

• Respond to inquiries of financial nature and ensure that alternate resolutions and recommendations are provided

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