Nursing Assistant Director Job Description for Resume

Updated on: August 25, 2022
Position Overview

An assistant director of nursing oversees and directs the services provided by nursing units within a medical service facility.

It is the job of a nursing assistant director to interview and hire nurses and provide them with basic and advanced training that is required to be useful in a certain work environment.

To work as a nursing assistant director, you have to possess a bachelor’s degree in science, with a registered nurse license in the state where you intend to work.

In addition to this, you have to possess good administrative and leadership skills, along with some experience working in a hospital or a long-term care facility.

A nursing assistant director is usually second in command of a nursing unit, reporting to a nursing director. In the absence of the director, it is up to the nursing assistant director to handle the units’ operations – sometimes of the whole healthcare facility.

There are several areas that nursing assistant directors have to work in including supervision, administration, regulatory compliance, patient care, and education.

An individual who has all the required qualifications for working as a nursing assistant director, along with intense exposure to these areas will be considered a good choice to hire.

Some of the major job duties that a nursing assistant director is expected to perform include:

Job Description for Nursing Assistant Director Resume

• Interview, hire and train nurses and nursing staff to work in accordance with the facility’s policies and procedures.

• Ensure that the provision of services to patients and their families is appropriate and accessible, and delivered in a fashion that respects their dignity and privacy.

• Make sure that all relevant legislations are adhered to, including codes of practice and mental treatment acts.

• Plan and develop administrative and operational policies and procedures, facilities use and planning, and strategic planning of nursing units.

• Develop and promote cooperative working relationships with other hospitals and community agencies.

• Schedule nursing activities by assigning duties and shifts to nurses and nursing staff, and assisting nursing managers in handling oversight activities.

• Supervise the activities of nursing staff, in a bid to ensure that they are working efficiently and that a professional environment is maintained.

• Evaluate the performance of each nursing staff member and present reports to the nursing director for further evaluation.

• Assist the nursing director in the design and implementation of nursing systems, targeted at ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality care to patients.

• Devise, develop and implement education plans to help patients and their families understand patient care, procedures, and practices in a profound manner.