Art Director Job Description and Duties

Updated on: August 28, 2021
Position Overview

Art directors usually head creative teams in advertising, marketing, and public relations departments.

They combine creativity with leadership with one purpose in mind – to provide customers with a graphic vision of a company’s services or products.

Since art directors work with artists and writers primarily, they need to understand the work that these people perform to be able to understand both aspirations and limitations of clients.

Art directors communicate a company’s need for showing presence across several mediums and ensure that a plan is created that is sure to take this vision forward.

Typically, art directors integrate television, news ads, websites, and print materials strategically to get the job done.

Some art directors even end up designing material themselves – this may include logos, website layouts, print materials, and even storyboards.

Eligibility Criteria

To work as an art director, one needs to possess a degree in graphic design.

Strong knowledge of color theory and branding can go a long way in helping art directors work successfully.

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Art Director Job Description, Roles and Responsibilities

• Consult with clients to determine their design needs and the scope of the project

• Work on graphics development of a series of products

• Interact with writers, designers, and copywriters to develop creative concepts

• Determine appropriate media channels for each advertisement

• Ensure that a rough layout has been established before finalizing the end product

• Provide insight and recommendations on final drafts and approve designs

• Handle both dialogue and storyboard of each ad

• Work alongside producers to manage budgeting and technical details

• Assist in casting actors and voiceover actors for advertisements

• Procure the services of external agencies/vendors to handle publication detailing activities

• Keep clients abreast of all updates and changes in designs

• Ensure that clients are satisfied with the end product

• Interview, hire and train staff members such as designers and copywriters

• Direct and assist the creative team during each project

• Provide clients with strategic communication solutions to help in attaining their objectives

• Give clients advice on technical and visual issues and lead them through the process

• Provide designers and writers with detailed information and direction on each project

• Assist in constant education and development of designers and their abilities

• Handle business development activities by contacting prospective clients and soliciting existing ones

• Ensure that deadlines are outlined for each project and that they are met by coordinating the efforts of all project members

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