Assistant Program Director Resume Sample

Updated on: February 28, 2021

In order to ensure that corporate operating processes are in-sync with requirements and standards, assistant program directors are hired by various public and private sector organizations.

They make sure that each program member adheres to program specifications and that the overall result of a program is conducive to the senior management’s directives.

S/he is assigned to overseeing staff in order to make sure that it is following directions and also plans and monitors schedules. Assistant program directors are required to possess in-depth knowledge of the project that they are working on.

They report to a program director which is why they need to ensure that all work activities are coordinated and channeled towards successful outcomes.

People applying for the position of an assistant program manager need to possess a master’s degree in the discipline that they intend to work in.

If you are looking for a resume sample to help you apply for this position, have a look at the following one.

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Assistant Program Director Resume Example

Kate Nathanial
410 Riggs Street, Overland Park, KS 66202
(999) 999-9999
kate @ email . com


An experienced individual with demonstrated leadership qualities and a strong background in handling multi-faceted programs with critical deadlines. Exceptional attention to detail focused on managing program resources to fulfill missions in accordance with priorities and budgets.

• Successfully implemented Hash It program goals thereby fulfilling the objectives of the said program
• Stayed well under budget for three projects without affecting productivity
• Resolved countless field issues by employing exceptional communication skills
• Introduced an employee evaluation program dubbed as ‘Are You It?’ which analyzed individual employee’s progress and granted special bonuses and rewards


Assistant Program Director 
Devereux, Overland Park, KS
June 2016 – Present
• Oversee and coordinate staff efforts and resources in order to meet individual program goals
• Assist in the recruitment and training of staff for each project
• Create employee schedules and ensure that they are being followed properly
• Ensure that all resources are available for each program in a time-efficient manner
• Allocate resources to different departments in accordance to defined needs
• Provide direction to program members and ensure successful completion of programs
• Allocate program budgets and ensure that all activities are performed within the allocated budget
• Perform research and analysis duties in pertinence to each individual program module

Senior Program Officer
ABC Enterprise, Overland Park, KS
January 2007 – June 2016
• Handled project management tasks including seminars, webinars, and help desks
• Coordinated work duties between different departments in order to ensure program success
• Collect, collate and analyze market data and ready it for injecting into the project
• Write special grant proposals and maintain liaison with donors
• Assist with preparation of periodical data analysis reports
• Assist with social media presence of the project

Master’s Degree in Public Administration
Kansas State University, Oakland Park, KS

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