Fashion Design Assistant Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: April 8, 2022

For people who have a good aesthetic sense about clothes, starting their career as a fashion design assistant can lead to future jobs as fashion designers.

Position Overview

Fashion design assistants support the work of a fashion designer.

They help them in the creation of new styles and patrons for brands and labels, along with performing research activities to ensure that the brand they are representing, works competitively.

Eligibility Criteria

It is important for fashion design assistants to have an eye for colors and patterns as they work with both on an everyday basis.

To be eligible for working as a fashion design assistant, you should be able to draw sketches and communicate both technical and creative ideas to the designer you are reporting to.

A diploma in fashion and textiles will help immensely when you apply for a job at this position – fashion sense and training is important in this arena so you must have at least some knowledge of fashion design processes.

Technical knowledge also plays a great part in helping you bag your dream job – you should be able to use design software.

As part of your work as a fashion design assistant, you will be required to liaise with customers and vendors so your communication and negotiation skills must be good. 

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Fashion Design Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

• Provide both creative and practical support to fashion designers by pooling ideas and handling office work.

• Confer with clients to understand their design needs and provide feedback on presented ideas.

• Discuss clients’ design needs with the fashion designer to obtain input.

• Work with existing and new customers on new ideas, concepts, and designs.

• Assist in creating mood and trend boards for reference purposes.

• Perform extensive market trend research to understand competitive opportunities.

• Liaise with vendors and suppliers for material procurement and make sure that samples are received on time.

• Work with clients to obtain trim approvals.

• Assist fashion designers throughout the product development procedure.

• Provide support by assisting in photoshoots and fashion or ramp shows.

• Handle draping and pattern-making activities.

• Use technology to develop electronic prototypes of designs to show clients what the end product will look like.

• Make sketches of proposed designs for clients.

• Assist clients in making design decisions by proposing changes or alterations.

• Create client records and contact existing clients when new designs or materials are available.

• Inspect fabric and end design to look for possible tears and report discrepancies to the designer on an immediate basis.

• Make certain that designs are ready in time for delivery or pick up.

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