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Entry Level Video Game Designer Job Description & Duties

An entry level video game designer is a recently graduated individual, who designs games and applications for different platforms. The main work of an entry level video game designer is to collect information from various sources and ensure that the right types of games are created. To work as an entry level game designer, one… Read More »

Game Designer Resume Sample

A career in game designing can take you great places – as long as your resume is spot on. Since this is the first step in obtaining a position, it is important to write a resume that the hiring manager can relate to.   Writing a video game designer resume will require you to have… Read More »

Game Designer Cover Letter Sample

What fun must it be to work as a video game designer! But it is a lot of hard work too. You have to convince the hiring manager that you are the most creative game designer that he or she will meet. This can be done quite effectively through a cover letter.   When you… Read More »

Sample Graphic Designer Resume With No Experience

Graphic design is mainly about skills. So, no experience in this area does not necessarily mean no job opportunities. However, a degree in graphic design will take you a long way. Applying for an entry-level graphic designer position can seem a bit overwhelming, simply because you haven’t done it before. No need to worry. Choose… Read More »

Electrical Designer Resume Sample

Companies are extremely careful about who they hire as electrical designers, because it is a fundamental job covering some very basic functions from start to finish. Therefore, you need to be careful about building your resume as this is the document through which the hiring manager will decide whether or not to call you for… Read More »

Electrical Designer Skills for Resume

In any profession you choose, you need a specific skills-set, otherwise you are not much good to your employer. Indeed, companies nowadays are extremely careful to hire people with the right skills, as they don’t want to suffer later on.   When you’re making your resume for an electrical designer position, make sure that you… Read More »