Jewelry Design Assistant Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: April 27, 2022
Position Overview

Jewelry design assistants differ in duties from junior jewelry designers contrary to what many people believe.

While junior designers are in essence “seasoned jewelry designers in the making,” jewelry design assistants provide support to a design team in order to ensure that the end product is according to specifications provided by customers.

Providing creative input and assistance to a jewelry designer is the prime work of this professional.

Many assistants are employed to handle jewelry repairing work and also manage some modifications in jewelry designs. Their work is mostly administrative as they handle the various regulatory demands of a jewelry studio.

To work as a jewelry design assistant, you must possess a creative mind as you will be required to provide your input on jewelry concepts and designs.

You will also handle research tasks that are aimed at finding out seasonal trends and preparing reports and presentations to support their research.

Some more duties that people working as jewelry design assistants perform include the following:

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Jewelry Design Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

• Perform research work associated with popular jewelry trends and provide feedback to jewelry designers.

• Prepare reports and presentations on various trends and ensure that each related piece of information is put across to designers.

• Assist in developing and executing product designs in order to meet the company’s merchandising objectives.

• Obtain samples of popular jewelry designs from the market and analyze the materials used.

• Research color trends for the season and ensure that they are incorporated into the company’s current designs.

• Make sketches of designs and concepts in order to put them in front of the design team.

• Ensure that final designs are prepared in a time-efficient manner.

• Provide the company with information on a product’s retail pricing and ensure competitive pricing strategies are put into place.

• Assist in designing brand-appropriate and design-right jewelry collections.

• Provide support in fixing broken jewelry items and ensure that they are fixed following standard practices.

• Set gems in place and ensure that they are glued in properly.

• Assist with marketing jewelry designs and new products to the masses.

• Ensure that stocks of gems and other jewelry items are adequate and that any overstock materials are not wasted.

• Organize jewelry studio in terms of jewelry display and maintenance.

• Assist designers with soldering and enameling activities.

• Make sure that the end outlook of each piece of jewelry is in accordance with the proposed design.

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