Interior Design Assistant Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: April 8, 2022

Position Overview

Interior designing is complex work and needs creativity – interior design firms hire assistants to help them with interior designing jobs.

Interior design assistants usually start out at the entry level and use this position for training purposes and gaining experience.

To become a full-fledged interior designer, one has to earn some experience and exposure to work, and this position is perfect for someone who is looking for a job as an interior designer.

The major work of this professional is to take notes, measure spaces and gather the information that interior designers need to work with.

They provide both administrative and clerical support – a major part of an interior design assistant’s work is to perform market research work and interview clients to understand specifications.

It is important for interior design assistants to maintain a good knowledge of vendors and purchasing activities as they are often entrusted with the entirety of ordering and purchases.

In most instances, interior design assistants are not involved in the creative process, but some interior designers may ask their assistants to provide creative input.

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Many companies hire more than one interior design assistant to work with one interior designer to provide administrative and logistical support.

Interior Design Assistant Duties & Responsibilities

• Assist in the creation of preliminary plans and design concepts

• Help in analyzing design objectives following clients’ needs

• Provide input in the creation of design concept statements

• Perform market research work in a bid to understand trends and likes of customers

• Order samples from vendors and handle presentations creation activities

• Support interior designers with sample selections, hand sketches, drawings, schedules, and boards

• Confer with clients to understand and document their interior design requirements

• Create specifications manuals such as room layouts

• Provide design, clerical and administrative support to interior designers

• Maintain knowledge of space planning, floor finish plans, and elevations

• Manage design libraries of resources and maintain files and binders

• Assist interior designers with installations, coordinate deliveries, and handle post-installation follow up activities

• Check receipt of merchandise and sign for packages

• Assist interior designers with marketing developments and associated activities

• Provide support in creating sourcing materials and CAD plans for various projects

• Act as a bridge between interior designers, vendors, and contractors

• Assist in handling communication with clients through telephones, emails, and official letters

• Complete order information by filling out order forms and handling cash advances and receipts

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