Fashion Closet Assistant job Description

Updated on July 6, 2015

To accommodate the various new job positions that are now opening up, dozens of new designations have been coined. One of them is that of a fashion closet assistant. Now you might be wondering what that is. A fashion closet assistant usually works at part time commissions and is responsible for assisting a fashion designer in handling administrative duties and provides logistical support before, during and after specific shoots.

Job Description

Typically fashion closet assistants are hired to suit a shoot or event – since each fashion closet assistant has her own talents in certain areas, they are usually chosen according to the work that they excel in. They have to be great multitaskers as they are often asked to work on different projects at the same time. A major task of an individual working at this position is to coordinate costumes and makeup for an event. She may also be asked to track samples that were lent out and to make sure that they are returned. Since there is a lot of expensive items involved in a fashion shoot (such as expensive dresses and jewelry), it is the job of a fashion closet assistant to acquire insurance coverage for them.

Fashion closet assistant also work as personal assistants to fashion designers. They handle event bookings, coordinate the logistics of acquisition and also manage set up and tear down of events. For a list of particular job duties of a fashion closet assistant, refer below:

Fashion Closet Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

• Organize fashion closets by ensuring that clothes are procured according to the shoot or event in question
• Procure matching jewelry and accessories in accordance to the theme
• Manage clothes and accessories returns to sponsors and stores
• Research fashion trends and provide feedback to fashion designer regarding what is “in” and what is “out”
• Coordinate the enlisting of stylists and makeover teams
• Negotiate work fees with them and provide them with an overview of the event and how it has to be carried out
• Make telephone calls to arrange for shoes, hairpieces and nail art
• Keep record of all incoming samples and coordinate return with all parties involved
• Handle sample pickups and assist in packing for shoots and events
• Ascertain that fashion closet is organized at all times and set it for run through with stylists
• Liaise with public agencies to provide them with information on shoots and events
• Provide styling assistance during busy events and provide information to fashion editors to help then in writing event cover stories