Customer Service Achievements Samples for Resume

Updated: November 2, 2019

Achievements make up the personality of a resume.

No matter what job you have applied for or held in the past if you haven’t achieved anything, you may not be considered as a good candidate for the job. But achievements are often difficult to identify.


How does one differentiate between achievement and a regular duty?

This is a dilemma many of us face when the word achievement comes to our mind.

It is especially difficult when one is working at a position that gives a little leeway for achievements to be registered, even if they are present.

But luckily, for people working as part of a customer services department, achievements are quite obvious – almost biting on the nose obvious! So people who work as customer service representatives or managers can make the most of this edge that they have over others.

Listing your accomplishments in a resume requires following a certain formula:


What you did = How the company benefited

The benefit could take any form:

• Increase in customer base
• Revenue generation
• Expansion
• Profits

And a lot more. The key to listing your achievements is to put them in sentences that talk to the reader.

The point is to let a prospective employer know that you will be able to achieve something similar – or higher – if you get a chance to work for him.

To understand how achievements can be written on a customer service resume, take a look at the examples below:


Customer Service Achievements Samples

• Increased customer base by 25% by following aggressive up-selling activities.

• Decreased customer complaints by 50% (as per a recent company survey) by employing dedicated customer orientation plans.

• Reactivated 33 dormant accounts through aggressive phone marketing activities.

• Successfully responded to 772 customer calls during a marathon information run, as part of the company’s marketing efforts.

• Managed a high-volume workload by resolving 450 inquiries within the deadline period of 8 hours.

• Suggested and helped implement a central customer information base, which increased efficiency by 30%.

• Increased company profits by 67% by converting 900 leads into regular subscriptions.

• Improved customer information pull-out efficiency by overhauling haphazard records system.

• Implemented an efficient work customer call flow system that resulted in a cost-saving of $10,000 per annum.

• Cultivated an extraordinary level of customer loyalty by providing them with on-the-spot waivers and discounts, as per company policies.

• Directed an exhaustive search for new corporate clients and converted 60% of them into business-providing clients.

• Saved the company $15,000 annually by suggesting the use of VOIP technology instead of using regular telephone lines for cold calling purposes.