Customer service in any industry govern the establishment’s growth and popularity. This is the prime reason that recruiters and trainers spend a lot of time, money and resources on hiring, training and retaining the right customer service personnel.

All levels of a hierarchy in any organization is required to provide excellent customer services but there are some set designations that have more contact with a customer than the ones further up the hierarchy. Let us imagine a hotel; customer services begin at the front office all the way to the waiters and guest relations managers since each of them strive to ensure high customer satisfaction. There are many aspects that a person providing customer services needs to keep in check including appropriate services and quality control of both services and products.

We have already discussed how important it is to look for just the right qualities when hiring someone for a customer services position. Employers usually look at past experiences and accomplishments to see what an applicant may be able to do for their company.

Look at some sample achievements of a person working at any position in customer services field. You may use 3-4 statements in the accomplishments or achievements section of your resume.

Sample Accomplishments for Customer Service Resume

• Exceeded the ABC Company’s sales goals by effective up-selling of company’s products.

• Resolved customer complaints by identifying problems and taking appropriate corrective action – Resulted in 50% increase in department’s efficiency.

• Demonstrated professional etiquette and manners when interfacing with customers which resulted in 30% improved feedback of customers.

• Improved the efficiency of customer service department 20% by providing both training for new hires and setting up training materials.

• Promoted to customer service manager in three months following excellence in providing customer education on the company’s services and commendation by supervisor.

• Developed customer base by 45% during the year 2012 through delivery of quick service.

• Integrated a complex customer feedback system that took feedback and complaints from customers in order to manage the system better.

• Attained Employee of the Year Award 3 times in three years following commendation from supervisors and recommendation from peers.

• Increased 55% customer base by providing training to new customer service representatives.

• Reduced 30% customer complaints through implementation of a dedicated complaint handling cell to cater to escalated grievances.

• Trained 15 groups of new staff members in providing dedicated customer services to patrons.

• Streamlined customer service department operations by introducing a series of rigorous training sessions.

• Retained an important corporate client (who was victim of bad customer services from a customer service representative) by providing him with incentives in terms of bulk discounts.

• Organized service workflow to meet the influx of customers, thereby streamlining workflow issues.

• Successfully handled 16 accounts simultaneously, without a single complaint from any account holder in 3 years.

• Introduced and implemented CMS System which decreased customer information pulling time by 30%.

• Revolutionized customer service gauging mechanism which increased efficiency of the department.

• Effectively managed and responded to over 1000 calls for information in one day, without any complaints from callers.

• Trained a special team to handle returns and complaints, thereby managing the time of customer services representatives effectively.

• Wrote an employee’s manual on the Dos and Don’ts of customer service provision for new employees.

• Participated in a booklet writing on appropriate responses to customers’ questions as part of the training manual used as part of the new employee training process.