Top 26 Accomplishments for Customer Service Resume

Updated on: September 16, 2020
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Customer service in any company is a crucial factor in the company’s growth, goodwill, and popularity. That is the primary reason that recruiters and trainers spend a lot of time, money, and resources to hire, train as well as retain the professional customer service staff.

As a matter of fact, all levels of a hierarchy in any organization is required to provide excellent customer service. But some set designations have dedicated contact with customers.

For example, in a hotel, customer service begins at the front desk all the way to the housekeepers and guest relations managers. Certainly, each of them strives to ensure high customer satisfaction.

Similarly, when hiring customer service professionals, employers usually look at past experiences and accomplishments to judge what an applicant will be able to do for their company.

Take a look at the sample achievements of a person working at any position in the customer service field. Feel free to use 3-4 of these customer service achievements statements in a customer service resume.

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Top 26 Customer Service Accomplishments and Achievements for Resume

1. Exceeded the ABC Company’s sales goals by 100% by providing proactive and effective customer service.

2. Resolved customers’ complaints while identifying problems and taking appropriate corrective action, increasing client retention ratio significantly.

3. Demonstrated professional etiquette and manners, improving 30% positive feedback immediately.

4. Frequently set up training materials, therefore, grew the effectiveness of the customer service department by 20%.

5. Promoted to customer service manager in three months owing to excellence in delivering excellent client service.

6. Contributed to a 30% sales increase in 2019 by improving lead-generation and sales-tracking methods.

7. Resolved an average of 50 inquiries per day.

8. Consistently met performance milestones in speed, accuracy, and volume.

9. Recognized by directors as the best customer service representative.

10. Increased customer base by 45% during the year 2018 by responding quickly to their concerns.

11. Integrated a complex customer feedback system in order to manage the system better.

12. Attained Employee of the Year Award 3 times in three years.

13. Received commendation from supervisors and recommendations from peers.

14. Trained 20 new customer service representatives.

15. Reduced customers’ complaints by 30% through escalated grievance resolution procedure.

16. Streamlined customer service department operations by introducing a series of rigorous training sessions.

17. Retained big corporate clients by providing them with incentives and discounts.

18. Organized the influx of customers, consequently, streamlined workflow issues.

19. Successfully handled 100+ customers’ accounts simultaneously, without a single complaint from any account holder in 3 years.

20. Helped the ABC company to attain the highest customer service ratings by external auditors.

21. Attained 100% marks in all customer service categories including communication skills, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, and friendliness.

22. Introduced and implemented a new CMS System, decreasing customer information pulling time by 30%.

23. Revolutionized customer service gauging mechanism, thereupon increased the efficiency of the department.

24. Explicitly responded 500+ customer calls per day.

25. Wrote an employee’s manual on the Dos and Don’ts of customer service.

26. Helped in writing a booklet on appropriate responses to customers’ questions.

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