Airport Customer Service Representative Resume

Updated on: July 24, 2019

Resumes written for an airport customer service representative’s job should be written by following what can be considered as the most qualifying factor.

For this position, it is crucial to focus on the customer service aspect, as this is the essence of an airport customer service representative’s role.


The summary on your resume needs to be active as employers believe that what you intend to do in the future, depends on what you have already done.

What you need to focus on here is the ability to handle customers in a proactive manner.

Therefore, your resume summary should edict this information.

Also, you need to focus on your competencies in a customer service role.


Here is a sample resume for this position.

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Airport Customer Service Representative Resume Sample 



Caleb Fredrickson
9023 S Coffman Road, Casper, WY 12746
(999) 999-9999
fredrickson @email . com


A dedicated and helpful customer service representative with 9-plus-years of hands-on experience in the airline industry. Able to work independently and use in-house resources to maximize customer satisfaction. Reliable and dependable, with a special talent for managing high volume work.


• Flight management protocols aimed at providing accurate knowledge
• Modern ticketing and reservation booking procedures
• Airline-related software
• Particular focus on identifying and screening suspicious baggage
• Customer recognition to frequent flyers through individualized contact


– Ticketing systems
– Check-in procedures
– Safety precautions
– Cooperative attitude
– Reservation protocols
– Boarding and deplaning
– Push-back equipment
– Communication
– Customer service
– Agent habdling
– Ground security
– Flight announcement

• Recommended corrective measures to handle customers’ complaints which brought down complaints by 44%
• Reigned in airport-agent liaison project, initiatinbgto strengthen the official-agent relationships to increase customer services
• Streamlined boarding passenger queues for by implementing “color coordinated ticket stubs”
• Introduced a complex baggage screening system which increased screening accuracy by 50%


Airport Customer Service Representative
American Airlines, Casper, WY (7/2013-Present)

• Welcome passengers to the service counter and inquire into their purpose of visit
• Provide passengers with information regarding ticketing, reservations and seat availability
• Inform passengers of flight schedules and baggage booking procedures
• Operate different types of machinery such as tugs, push-back equipment, and commissary trucks to handle booked baggage
• Provide passengers with information regarding ticket prices and overweight luggage charges
• Screen passengers’ luggage by operating specialized screening equipment
• Resolve passengers’ issues regarding flight changes and seating arrangements
• Provide passengers with upgrades from economy class to business class following additional payments or frequent flyer points

Ground Steward
Middleton International Airport, Casper, WY (1/2009-5/2010) 

• Assisted passengers in locating conveyor belts associated with their flights
• Provided assistance in looking for luggage and puling bags from conveyor belts
• Helped in issuing tickets and printing boarding passes
• Conducted security screenings of passengers and their luggage
• Checked tickets for accuracy prior to allowing passengers to board flights
• Assist the elderly and unaccompanied minors throughout the ticket issuing and boarding procedure

Diploma: SOME SCHOOL, Casper, WY, 2008

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