Airline Customer Service Agent Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: July 13, 2016


When you are being interviewed for a position where customer services is the end-all-an-be-all of everything, the interviewer will definitely grill you more than for any other position.

To keep yourself from falling flat on your face, make sure that you provide answers that are conducive to customer satisfaction.

For instance, at an airline customer service agent interview, you might be asked some or all of the questions provided below:


Airline Customer Service Agent Interview Questions and Answers

Do you think that an airline customer service agent’s job is challenging? Why or why not?
I believe that it is extremely challenging to work as an airline customer service agent. This is because working as one means that you have to ensure passenger satisfaction from the very beginning and hold it till the very end. Airline customer service agents are the first people that passengers meet and usually become representatives of good services, so there is a lot on their shoulders.

Have you ever found yourself to be in an untoward situation?
There was a time when an irate passenger who had missed a connecting flight because he overslept while waiting in the lounge, marched over to my counter and demanded to know why the flight had left without him. I explained that there were announcements made and the flight left on schedule. He got aggressive to the point that I had to call in the security and have him arrested.

What type of passengers do you think need the most assistance?
Unaccompanied children, the elderly, people with special needs and first time travelers are usually ones that need most assistance.

How do you make sure that you have issued the right boarding pass to the right passenger, especially if the pressure is high?
This is where my meticulousness comes in. I make sure that I check each ticket and passport thoroughly before issuing a corresponding boarding pass. With as much practice as I have had, it doesn’t take long to do this.

What would you do if you had an inkling that a passenger could be a threat to the airport or the aircraft?
As airline customer service agents, we are trained in reading and gauging body language of passengers. If we feel that something is amiss, it is our duty to stall the passenger and report him or her covertly to a supervisor.

How do you handle irate passengers during cancelled or delayed flights?
The best way to handle irate passengers is to be polite with them and to make them feel that you understand their predicament. Trying to help them is the best way of dealing with a situation like this. Keeping your cool is important.