Airline Passenger Service Agent Job Description for Resume

Updated on: May 19, 2021

Good customer services are important in every position that requires employees to be in touch with customers constantly. For airline passenger service agents, the delivery of exceptional customer services is just as important as in any other position.

Airline Passenger Service Agent Job Description

Airline passenger service agents work as the face of the company that they are representing. They greet passengers, provide them with information on reservations and ticketing and check them in.

Working in this position means constant contact with people who are responsible for providing the airline with business. And there is a continuous need for being pleasant and patient.

The job duties of a passenger airline service agent are pretty straightforward – they need to do everything they possibly can (staying within company protocol parameters, of course) to make sure that passengers are provided with a smooth experience until they board the plane. During uncertain circumstances, it is their job to calm passengers down and keep them abreast of what is keeping their planes from flying on time!

Airline Passenger Service Agent Position Requirements and Salary

Passenger airline service agents typically need a high school diploma or a GED to be deemed eligible for this position. Working at an average annual salary of $33,370, the projected job growth for this position is 13% between 2020 and 2030.

Some duties of an airline passenger service agent include:

Job Description for Airline Passenger Service Agent Resume

• Greet passengers and provide them with information on seats and tickets availability
• Inquire into passengers’ desired travel routes and determine the best possible way to provide them with a suitable itinerary
• Verify and record passengers’ information and print their tickets after ensuring that information on tickets is accurate
• Check passports to determine foreign travel arrangements
• Issue boarding passes to passengers and provide them with information on which gates to use to reach their planes
• Weigh baggage to ensure it meets the standard allowed limit and issue baggage tags
• Calculate and charge passengers for extra baggage
• Check passengers in by checking their travel papers and ensure that all passengers are properly queued up
• Ensure that all checked-in bags are kept safe and are sent to the correct aircraft in a timely manner
• Handle complaints regarding lost or damaged baggage and direct passengers to complaint officers
• Provide information regarding canceled or/and rescheduled flights and assist passengers in finding alternatives
• Announce flight schedules and timings on public address systems
• Designate seat assignments according to passengers’ specific needs
• Provide special attention to unaccompanied children and the elderly by ensuring that they are given priority