Cover Letter for Sales (No Experience)

You will be surprised to know that many recruiters actually prefer to hire fresh and energetic people who have little or no experience in hand. Sales personnel especially, are hired at the entry level because they add a touch of “freshness” to a company and their creative approach to work is often considered beneficial to sales. This being said, when you sit down to write a cover letter for a sales job, there really is no need to be at tenterhooks.

Coming to the cover letter, you need to sound enthusiastic – as a first job, you will have a lot to learn so it wouldn’t hurt to appear excited so that you are perceived as an eager beaver – an eager beaver is always a great salesperson so it stands to reason that the more you show your eagerness, the better your chances of employment are.

Lack of experience in this case can act as an ally as employers will look at you as someone whom they can mold. While you may not really like the idea of doing someone’s bidding, you will learn a lot this way so you must be prepared to do as asked. As far as a cover letter for applying for a sales position is concerned, you can have a look at the following sample written especially for someone who has no prior experience in sales.


Cover Letter for Sales Job with No Experience


March 30, 2015

Ms. Kristen Bale
Manager Human Resources
9901 Elm Street
Milford, NH 27341


Dear Ms. Bale:

The careers section of your website indicates that you are looking for a sales representative who is “motivated, organized and professional” to work at Macy’s and I believe that I fit the bill completely. I have recently finished high school and since I aspire to eventually contribute greatly to the sales world, I believe that I am a good fit for this position.

My positive outlook to life, coupled with intense energy and the will to serve is a combination that I believe will make me a good sales representative. Owing to the fact that I have aced my business studies module in school (and have obtained extra credits due to a mock sales project), I am positive that I have it in me to learn the ropes of your organization and deliver according to your customer service policies.

The enclosed resume will highlight my presentation skills, leadership qualities and comprehensive understanding of sales within a retail environment, all of which should be of great interest to you. I will contact your office to ask for an interview and can be reached at (333) 333-3333 if you need any further information regarding my qualifications.

Thank you for your time in reviewing my application.


Sincere regards,

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Logan Freeman

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