Culinary Chef Resume Sample and Writing Tips

Updated on: August 4, 2021
Culinary Chef Resume Writing Tips

A Culinary Chef’s expertise, creativity, qualifications, and knowledge written on the resume decide the place where they could use their culinary talents.

Treat your Culinary Chef resume as a preamble to your job hunting process.

Think and create a list of every culinary-related skill you possess.

By doing substantial homework, you will be able to create a resume for a culinary chef position that grabs the reader’s attention instantly.

The following resume sample for the position of Culinary Chef will give you an excellent resource to prepare your resume.

Culinary Chef Resume Example

Sara Smith
34th Example Avenue, Pleasanton, CA 52471
Contact #
Email Address


Exceeding customers’ expectations and gaining their trust for seven years.


  • 7+ years of progressive experience in different restaurants and foodservice settings.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop resourceful products and menu items to meet both timelines and resources.
  • Post-certification training in cuisines and food systems.
  • In-depth knowledge of safe food handling.


  • Translating new ideas into product prototypes
  • Monitoring the latest food trends by attending food shows and surfing the internet
  • Advising culinary teams on recipe development
  • Observing the competitive advantage of new products work


Culinary Chef
Safeway Inc, Pleasanton, CA

  • Managed a group of 6 cooks
  • Prepared different types of culinary items
  • Assisted executive chefs and food technologists
  • Functioned as a resource for translating pertinent Culinary trends
  • Participated in identifying new product opportunities
  • Developed a prototype to show concepts
  • Gave culinary training and knowledge to help the product development teams

Assistant Chef
The Kroger Company, Cincinnati, OH

  • Oversaw and coached Deli workers on product preparation and presentation
  • Ensured that employees adhere to all food safety, HACCP, and cleanliness procedures
  • Engaged customers at peak hours through building relations, soliciting feedback, and ensuring customer pleasure
  • Assisted executive chef in tracking shrink on day by day basis
  • Participated in meetings and functions of the business
  • Assisted executive chef in taking part in social events, fundraising, and other media events

Associate Degree in Culinary Arts
City College, Pleasanton, CA


  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously

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