So, you have chosen child care as your future profession and are seeking a traineeship in the field? That’s great! You should consider including a childcare traineeship cover letter with your resume while applying.

Although job experts now recommend cover letters with every regular job application, they emphasize on compelling cover letters for traineeship positions. Since a childcare traineeship position is usually entry level and the resume does not have an imposing experience section to convince the employer, cover letter is a very helpful tool to win you an interview. Your cover letter must create relevance among the potential skills you have and the ones needed for the position. Additionally, it must radiate waves of dedication and keenness to work in the field.


Childcare Traineeship Cover Letter Sample


Martha Samuel

877 Hershey’s Lane ■ Sydney NSW 5417
Contact # ■ Email address

March 6, 2014

Mr. Kim Hall
HR Manager
Jack and Jill Child Care Centre
675 Nexus Lane
Fort Collins, CO 98443


Dear Mr. Hall:

Are you looking for a talented and dedicated child care trainee who could assist you in implementing child behavior modification techniques?

Could Jack and Jill Child Care Center utilize some matchless child daily living care and social development skills?

Do you seek a certified child care trainee full of innovative play ideas that incorporate psychosocial and cognitive development techniques in daily living and play activities?

If yes, then look no further.

Introducing myself as a motivated and highly ambitious individual, willing to make a difference in the childcare field, I wish to apply for your advertised position of childcare trainee. My profile caters for all demands of the position as stated in the advertisement. Following comparison will explain the claim further:

The position requires:


I offer: 

▶ Educational background in childcare delivery.✔ AS degree in early childhood development.


▶ Certification and knowledge regarding child developmental stages.✔ Childcare development certificate III and ample knowledge of developmental milestones in growing children.


▶ Expertise in designing and executing innovative play activities.✔ Efficient in designing creative activities for kids of all ages while incorporating fun and learning.


In addition, I am CPR trained and fully capable of handling emergency situations. My attached resume features my further acquired skills in child care delivery in detail. I shall be in contact next week to possibly schedule an interview date and time with you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Martha Samuel

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