Law Enforcement Job Objectives Samples

Updated on: May 18, 2018

Law enforcement positions are challenging and typically need a strong personality to take them up.

A resume for a law enforcement position has to be built on the same lines. If you have decided to include an objective statement in your resume, then it’s best to go through some examples first.

There are many ways to state your career objective.

Just keep two things in mind while doing so: be very clear to convey confidence and be employer focused. Instead of stating what you expect from the job, try stating what you have to offer to the employers.

Following are some different kinds of law enforcement job objective statements for your guidance:

Law Enforcement Job Objectives Examples

Completely employer focused objectives

These are perhaps the most popular form of career objectives. Such statements are fully employer-centered. For example:

• To assist XYZ Company in implementing law and order in the capacity of a law enforcement officer. Possess a genuine desire to bring betterment to the organization utilizing expertise in patrolling, conduct analysis and inmate monitoring.

Objectives that reflect passion and dedication to law enforcement

Sometimes the organization is hiring law enforcement officers for difficult areas and need passionate workers. To express your passions and commitment to the field, the objective statement can be tailored accordingly:

• Looking to work as a law enforcement officer with a committed team utilizing law enforcement excellence in maintaining a potentially safe living space for populations surviving in high crime rate areas.

• Seeking a law enforcement position at an organization to contribute to maintaining a peaceful community environment through implementation of patrolling and modern law enforcement strategies.

Objectives for highly experienced professionals

When you have some experience in the law enforcement arena, it is a good idea to mention it in your objective statement. This can help in creating an overpowering kind of image right from the beginning. For example:

• Seasoned law enforcement professional with 7+ years’ hands-on experience in patrolling, monitoring and discipline reinforcement. Seeking work with Houston City Police utilizing the above-mentioned skills for the benefit of society.

Target positions objectives

If you are tailoring your career objective for a specific job or position, it is advisable to mention the name of that organization to reflect focus:

• To work for The University of Waterloo in the role of a senior law enforcement officer. Bringing expertise in routine patrolling, securing buildings, responding to emergency and complaints. Eager to assist the persons facing trouble.

Last Word: Choose one of the above objective statements wisely which perfectly complements the job description of the prospective employer.

Good luck!