Winning objectives in today’s job market are the employer focused ones. It is needless to state in the objective statement that you are seeking a position that allows for your professional growth. The statement is not only extremely outdated, but is also considered a self centered statement in comparison to more popular, employer centered statements.

As a safety coordinator is a very responsible position, therefore, resume objectives for the position need to be built keeping this sensitive nature of the position in mind.

Following are some sample safety coordinator resume objective statements intended to give you ideas while building and objective statement for your own safety coordinator resume.

Safety Coordinator Resume Objective Examples

There are many ways of making an objective statement. Some of these are discussed below in order of their popularity in the eyes of employer.

Profile cum objective statements

Trend of equipping resumes with objective statements that also serve as a professional summary or profile in rapidly increasing. These statements combine the candidate’s profile and career objective. For example:

• A versatile and active safety coordinator seeking work at XYZ resorts. Bringing strong expertise in occupational risk analysis, safety supervision and employee claims processing to achieve the targets of organization.

• Competent and energetic safety coordinator with 5+ years’ experience in the field. Offering matchless skills in safety management, occupational claims analysis and precautionary employee safety protocols.

Targeted objective statements

Objective statements that target the job requirements are also very popular. For example, if the ad calls for an expert in risk analysis and security procedures designing, the objective would be:

• To seek a position as a safety coordinator at XYZ resorts utilizing core competencies of risk analysis and security design planning.

• To join the occupational safety department at XYZ resorts using expertise in security protocols designing, implementation and risk analysis.

Challenging employer centered objectives

Another way of building unique objective statements is to add an element of challenge:

• Seeking work as a safety coordinator at an organization that is ready to experience a new level of safety management and offers room for innovative and computerized approaches to safety management issues.

Plain employer centered objective statements

These are perhaps the least popular type of objective statements, but the easiest ones to build and still viable in today’s job market.

• To work for XYZ resorts as a safety coordinator utilizing skills in employee safety management and occupational risk analysis for the benefit of employee safety department at XYZ resorts.

All of the above mentioned styles of forming objective statements are applicable to any resume, however the choice must be made keeping in mind the candidate’s experience, skills being offered and specific employer preferences.