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Mail Carrier Resume Sample

A mail carrier is also known as a mailman, postal carrier, postman, postwoman (US/UK), letter carrier and postie (NZ/Australia). They might be a member of staff in the post office or postal service or a private company. They deliver mail and parcel post to residences and businesses. Looking to apply for a mail carrier position and… Read More »

Cover Letter for Mailroom Manager Resume

The position of a mailroom manager is that of extreme responsibility and accountability as malfunctions in this department can lead to criminal suits. Mailroom managers work in almost all industries and are required to ensure that all incoming mail has been delivered to the right recipients. They are also required to ensure that all outgoing… Read More »

Postman Resume Sample

If you are seeking a postman job, you must hold a full driving license with no more than six penalty points and is expected to work to tight deadlines while maintaining a professional image. You will handle and sort mails in the mail centers, ensuring that they will be delivered at the right time and… Read More »

Letter Carrier Resume Example

Letter carriers are required to deliver mail to and from specific locations including residences and businesses. They sort and organize mail in accordance with the route that they are assigned to follow. If you are looking for a job to be a letter carrier, the following resume sample may assist you in writing your job… Read More »

FedEx Resume Sample

According to the FedEx website, over two hundred thousand people are working in different capacities worldwide at FedEx. This vast conglomerate hosts people on different levels including managers, administrators, couriers, and package handlers. Let us look at a sample resume of a Center Assistant Manager working at FedEx. This sample will provide you with the… Read More »

USPS Cover Letter Sample

How to Write a Great Cover Letter for USPS position? A cover letter for the USPS job should have three essential qualities; concise, genuine, and straightforward. If you add these three qualities in your letter, then you can undoubtedly win a USPS interview. It must be remembered that complicated and long sentences usually sounds fake.… Read More »

Courier Cover Letter Sample

Cover letters provide an umbrella to a Courier Resume. It means that if you have missed something out in your resume, a cover letter will “cover” it. In fact, a cover letter allows for flexibility, which is not possible in a courier resume.     Personalizing your cover letter and making reference to the employer’s… Read More »

Courier Cover Letter No Experience

Your experience does not matter if you have skills to show in a courier role. But only at the entry level.   At this point, the hiring manager is effectively looking to hire someone who has the right set of skills. And this is what you have to offer in a cover letter – information… Read More »

Messenger / Courier Resume Skills and Qualifications

Courier Job Description Couriers and messengers carry documents and packages and get their instructions either personally or by a mobile device. They plan the most resourceful route and delivery plan. A resume for courier or messenger position has a number of sections such as the objective, a summary of qualifications, skills, education, training, and experience,… Read More »

Mail Carrier Cover Letter Sample

Mail Carriers sort and deliver mail, record the information on deliveries, and collect cash for cash-on-delivery parcels. They are employed by USPS, Canada Post or the relevant postal service of their country.   The job titles of a mail carrier: Letter Carrier Mail Collector Deliverer Postal Carrier / Worker Postman / Woman Courier To apply… Read More »