Entry Level Courier Cover Letter With No Experience

Updated on: May 9, 2022

Your experience does not matter if you have skills to show in a courier role. But only at the entry-level.

At this point, the hiring manager is effectively looking to hire someone who has the right set of skills. And this is what you have to offer in a cover letter – information about your skills as a courier is what matters the most.

Notably, a hiring manager will want to know what you know about transporting documents and packages from one place to another.

Loading and unloading cargo, and delivering packages will be all in a day’s work for you, and you have to show that you are good at it.

Your knowledge of driving delivery trucks and vans must also be highlighted.

Also, you must focus on your ability to manage cash on delivery payments, and the knowledge of maintaining dispatcher contact.

A cover letter sample for a courier position (with no experience) is provided below  for your reference:

Sample Cover Letter for Entry Level Courier With No Experience

Harry Bale
(000) 319-0092
[email protected]

May 9, 2022

Mr. Tyler Cole
Human Resources Manager
Ted’s Courier Services
78 Peek Street
Atlantic City, NJ 74743

Dear Mr. Cole:

It is with great enthusiasm and interest that I am writing to you to apply for a courier position at Ted’s Courier Services. Owing to a short internship in a courier company, I am well-versed in handling a wide variety of tasks associated with this work. I am sure the enclosed resume will provide you with substantial information regarding this.

I am particularly competent in driving delivery vans and trucks to reach destinations to deliver messages or parcels. Precisely, my skills lie in loading vehicles with listed goods, ensuring that all items are safely placed, and making sure that hazardous materials are handled properly. Moreover, I am well-versed in unloading and sorting items, which have been collected on assigned routes.

Besides that, I offer exceptional skills in using the GPS, as well as standard maps to find destination locations, and can effectively deliver packages, and obtain receiving. Furthermore, my knowledge of recording information such as items received, and delivered in a predetermined way is phenomenal.

It would be an absolute pleasure to meet with you so as to provide you with a wider picture of my skills as a courier. I will remain in touch with your secretary and can be contacted at (000) 319-0092.

Thank you for considering my qualifications for a courier job at Ted’s Courier Services.


Harry Bale
(000) 319-0092

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