Inventory Specialist Job Description for Resume

Updated on: May 9, 2019

Position Overview

An inventory specialist is responsible for handling all aspects of inventory movement which may include restocking and accounting of items.

They compile and maintain records pertaining to the value and quantity of a company’s supplies and also prepare journal entries and manage reconciliations.



A major part of an inventory specialist’s work is to act as a liaison between production planning and production.

They monitor production order status and receives deliveries as well. As far as outgoing deliveries are concerned, inventory specialists make sure they are prepared according to instructions and shipped safely.

Since businesses that depend on product sales rely heavily on how their inventory services are handled, it is important to hire inventory specialists who will make sure that this is taken care of.


Position Requirements

While there is not much training that this job requires one to go through, people who work as inventory specialists must possess a bachelor’s degree in business or another relevant area.

It is important for candidates to be well versed in handling computer programs designed for inventory management and office applications as much of their work is done on these two avenues.


Job Description for Inventory Specialist Resume

• Compile and maintain records of the value, quantity, and type of supplies in inventory

• Remain in constant contact with vendors and customers to coordinate procurement information and inventory requirements

• Manage inventory budgets and maintain company’s stock ratio

• Coordinate activities with transportation agencies to track inventory transportation and distribution

• Organize inventory auditing activities and monitor stick records

• Supervise counting of the inventory cycle, handle restocking activities and fill out order forms

• Perform assessments of invoice details, evaluate cost movement of products and review sales reports

• Handle accounting tasks pertaining to inventory surplus, product damages, and product returns

• Monitor product distribution activities such as deliveries and shipments

• Track inventory usage and maintain inventory levels by logging material usage

• Purchase both goods and related services according to set timelines and inventory levels

• Act as a bridge between the planning phases of production and actual production

• Monitor the status of production orders against shipping schedules

• Follow prescribed procedures for usage and replenishment of materials and supplies

• Handle raw materials inventory and perform periodic reconciliations

• Prepare documentation for account analysis and analysis

• Analyze and audit account transactions to ensure consistency, completeness, and accuracy

• Make adjustments to account information in the event of discrepancies or errors

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