Zoologist Job Description and Salary

Updated on: May 9, 2019

Zoology is an interesting field to work in especially if you are an animal lover.

Zoologists are actually biologists who opt to make a career out of learning about animal life and resolving issues in this particular field of science.


They study the health, behavior, and genetics of animals along with attempting to determine lifecycles and how population groups function within the animal kingdom.

A zoologist will eventually go on to specialize in his or her field of interest; zoologists interested in studying reptiles will specialize in herpetology and those interested in studying fish will take up ichthyology.

The most popular working places for zoologists are colleges and universities as there is a huge amount of research involved. In this capacity, they perform both instruction activities and collect data for their research. It is important for zoologists to be able to work independently and possess a natural love for animals as they often have to develop a rapport with them in order to study them.

Many zoologists also work in zoos where they can be close to their subjects of interest. In zoos, they study animal behavior and provide zoo administration with ways of improving their facilities in order to ensure animal welfare.

Additionally, zoologists also work for museums where they assist in creating animal displays and lead educational tours.

Zoologist Job Duties and Responsibilities

• Study the habitats and characteristics of animals and animal habitats

• Collect and analyze data pertaining to animals living in controlled environments and in the wilderness

• Assist in the development of conservation plans to help decrease the negative impacts that human expansion has on animal life

• Use sophisticated software to study, forecast and analyze migration patterns of birds and animals

• Perform observation activities based on determining how species react to each other and how they interact with their habitat

• Observe what animals’ reproductive and social habits are

• Work on cross-functional research projects and conduct specific onsite and offsite experiments

• Study the genetics, origins and behavior of wildlife

• Handle activities pertaining to the daily care of animals in zoos

• Perform activities of a zoo curator by overseeing the distribution and care of zoo animals

• Mark animals to estimate growth and population size; take body measurements and assess their vitals to ensure that they are in good health

Salary Information about Zoologists

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, zoologists earn an annual median pay of $57,710 with an expected job outlook of 5% (which is less than average) between the years 2012 and 2022.

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