Qualifications for Restaurant Cook Resume

Updated on: November 24, 2015

Are qualifications for a restaurant cook resume are important? The answer is yes. Are they more important than experience? The answer is iffy! We say this because different employers have difference takes on whether qualifications are more important or hard experience. The right answer to this is perhaps in the particular situation that a candidate and employer find themselves.

Look at it this way – experiences were considered important part of a candidate profile until the need for exceptional qualifications emerged. Competitive markets gave birth to this need. If the competition has xyz in its team, then it is important that you do as well. Let us look at a few reasons why qualifications on a resume is so important:

• They show employers that you have the knowledge and skills that you will need to perform the work that they need you to do
• Being qualified shows employers that you are able to learn and take on new challenges
• Qualifications give you a competitive edge over other candidates who have applied for the same position as you have

To be perfectly honest, it is probably a bit unfair to assume that the best candidates are the ones who are most qualified. Because sometimes, an unqualified individual can be trained to perform well. But employers cannot take this chance, so mostly, they try and pick up the most qualified one, in hopes of fewer training costs.

Here is how you can place your qualifications on a restaurant cook resume:

Qualifications for Restaurant Cook Resume

• Strong background in preparing different types of cuisines including French, Indian and Thai
• Hands-on experience in working in a fine dining environment, with special focus on preparing entrées and main courses in sync with fine dining rules
• Committed to using quality ingredients and focusing on preparation time and procedure of each item by conforming to set recipes
• Proficient in determining the changing tastes of restaurant patrons and incorporating new flavors into existing dishes
• Skilled at menu development and recipe modification techniques
• Focused on providing restaurant patrons with quality food by ensuring that all food safety and hygiene protocols are adhered to
• Competent at measuring and doling out ingredients in correct quantities and operating large-volume cooking equipment
• Particularly trained in arranging food items in an aesthetically pleasing manner
• Proven ability to handle grilling and baking activities, with special focus on baking special order cakes, muffins, cupcakes and pastries
• Demonstrated expertise in handling food inventory and procurement activities by ensuring that all needed ingredients are constantly available