Restaurant Cook Cover Letter Samples

Updated on: March 12, 2018

Restaurant cooks follow recipes to prepare menu items.

They cut and prepare raw ingredients and prepare meals in accordance with customers’ orders, using a variety of equipment such as fryers and cookers to assist them in their work.

Besides, they are responsible for building and maintaining a restaurant’s image concerning food quality and service.

People applying for a restaurant cook position need to ensure that their cover letters are reflective of their love for food and their ability to conform to recipes.

Restaurant owners prefer applicants who possess knowledge and experience of working as a cook in a restaurant environment.

The following cover letter sample conveys both.

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Restaurant Cook Cover Letter Sample 1



Sara Smithson

321 Morrison Street, Burton, MI 78001
(000) 333-8547 | [Email]

March 11, 2018

Mr. Joshua Joseph
Restaurant Manager
Steak House
78 Red Arrow Road
Burton, MI 88999


Dear Mr. Joseph:

Your job description for a Restaurant Cook position at Steak House perfectly complements my professional profile. Possessing extensive experience and knack for preparing regular and specialty food, I am confident that I am the perfect candidate.

In my seven years long cooking career, I have worked in many different restaurants and fast food establishments where I learned to cook and serve many cuisines. I believe that some of my following accomplishments will be of interest to you:

✓ Achieved first runner-up position in the Great American Cook-Off competition held in New York in 2015.

✓ Increased customer-base of the restaurant by 40% in 6 months by the introduction of specialty dishes and platter deals.

✓ Trained seventeen employees as line cooks for the restaurant’s offshore projects.

As I continue my journey through the wonders of delectable delights, I strive to offer the patrons something new. My passion for cooking has been termed as “extreme,” and this enthusiasm is what helps me excel. My supervisors and team members commended my aesthetic food presentation acumen.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you regarding my qualifications and how my skills and abilities uniquely qualify me for a restaurant cook position at Steak House. My resume is attached for your review.




Sara Smithson
(000) 333-8547
Attachment: resume



Restaurant Cook Cover Letter Sample 2



2288 Levis Boulevard
Maumee, OH 43551

March 12, 2018

Ms. Chase Cole
Hiring Manager
Big Al’s Diner
12600 Larch mere Blvd
Cleveland OH 43551


Dear Mr. Chase:

As an experienced, seasoned and professional cook with a successful track record of making and serving more than five cultural cuisines, I firmly believe I am the right candidate for Restaurant Cook position at Big Al’s Diner.

After completing my apprenticeship from the kitchen of Grand Regency Hotel, I worked for the ‘Diversity Restaurant’ for five fruitful years. During my service, I learned and mastered various cuisines including American, French, Chinese, English, and Italian.

During my last two years of service, I got hands-on experience in supervision of the kitchen, final review of the food going out and dealing with many orders at a time. I also created two signature dishes that made their way to the ‘Chef’s Special’ section of the menu and the customers have always been satisfied by food sent out by me.

Other than cooking, I have been providing valuable services in developing the menu, monitoring the kitchen, training young chefs and creating unique dishes that make the customers keep coming back for more.

Just like the motto of Big Al’s Diner, I also believe in the power of taste. I am confident that my expertise is a perfect match for your needs. I would be delighted to meet with you in an interview to discuss this in detail.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Amy Princeton
(000) 999-0000

Encl. Resume