Counter Checker Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: November 24, 2015

Position Overview

Counter checkers are hired specifically for one purpose and that is to counter check items received through shipments. These people are part of a quality assurance team and are required to be very expert in what they do. To work as a counter checker, one has to be extremely detail-oriented. If you have it in you to perform repetitive work on a regular basis, you will enjoy working as a counter checker.

Many counter checkers also double up as rental clerks but this actually depends on the individual’s specific placement in the company, or the company hierarchy. These individuals do not only perform item counting and rechecking. In some companies, they may be responsible for checking consummated sales transactions to ensure that they conform to established systems and company procedures.

From the description provided above, you may think that counter checkers are jacks of all trades – and they are. If they work in a retail environment, they end up performing sales work when they are free. In warehouse environments, they may help with order pulling duties as well.


To work as a counter checker, one needs to have a high school diploma at the very least. Good communication skills, mathematical acumen and the ability to resolve discrepancies are also of great importance. In some companies, cashiers or counter clerks may be shifted between counters to counter check other clerks’ work, in order to maintain proper counting of money, transactions and items.

Here is a list of duties and responsibilities of a counter checker. You may use these statements to advertise a job or build a counter checker resume.

Counter Checker Duties and Responsibilities

• Assist in handling shipment receiving duties by ensuring that received items are properly handled and stored
• Count each item to ensure number compliance with work orders and raise concerns about additional or lesser items received
• Ascertain that all counted items are re-boxed and transported to storage areas
• Assist in pulling out orders and checking number of items on the work order list
• Compare work orders with actual items to ensure that the proper item and quantity has been pulled
• Provide support in packing items and transporting them to delivery trucks
• Check transactions against cash / credit card payments received and ensure that they tally
• Isolate any discrepancies in payments and transactions and address them on immediate basis
• Validate checks and shady credit or debit card payments and confer with customers to ensure that payment instruments are being used legally
• Create and maintain counter checking reports and inform supervisors of any outstanding issues regarding missing items or dodgy cash transactions