Restaurant Cook Resume with Objective

Updated on: April 16, 2018

A Cook Resume is meant to draw the employer’s attention towards your proficiency in various forms of cooking in addition to kitchen management.

You may have many years of experience as a cook, but if you do not express all that experience in black and white, you may lose many opportunities.

For a cook’s resume, choice of vocabulary is crucial. There are so many divisions under this broad umbrella of ‘cook’ or ‘chef’ that one is often confused about the correct position related terminology.

Following is a fully customizable resume sample for the position of a restaurant cook.



Restaurant Cook Resume Sample


Lucas Martin

628 West Street | Atlantic City NJ 65444 | (008) 222-5555 | [Email]

Seeking the position as a cook with ABC Restaurant utilizing immaculate cooking skills for the betterment and promotion of the restaurant while maximizing patron’s base.

• Proven ability to work efficiently in high-stress kitchens.
• Expert in various departments of restaurant kitchens including prep, pastry, and butchery.
• Proven ability to follow recipes, directions, and instructions.
• Skilled in menu designing.
• Demonstrated managerial skills and leadership qualities.


‘Grand Diners’ South Boulevard, NJ (2012-2013)
• Demonstrated new procedures and recipes to staff in various departments.
• Established and implemented general kitchen procedures for the chefs to maintain the utensils and equipment.
• Served as head chef in his absence.
• Supervised various line cooks and resolved their issues regarding staff training, quality assurance and new items on the menu.
• Established daily ‘chef’s special’ dish for the menu.
• Supervised requisition of kitchen items on the weekly and daily basis.

Line Cook, Pastry
‘A-Z Diners’ Main Junction, NJ (2009-2011)
• Devised and created unique desserts.
• Trained the new cooks in the pastry department.
• Ensured smooth running at the pastry station by delivering timely orders.
• Supervised the pastry cooks in new recipes.
• Worked with the junior pastry cooks during peak hours to ensure timely delivery of hot and chilled desserts.

Prep Cook
‘Eat it Out’ Atlantic City, NJ (2008-2009
• Took responsibility for salads preparation.
• Assembled sandwiches, burgers, and entrees.
• Prepared tables before rush hours.
• Assisted in kitchen maintenance.

Relief Cook
‘Taste and Savor’ Hudson, NJ (Summer 2007)
• Helped the cooks at various stations, whenever needed
• Assisted the cooks in prep tasks like chopping, marinating etc
• Helped in cleaning and dishwashing

Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts (2007)
Hudson County Community college, New Jersey, NJ

• Ability to groom, motivate and inspire a team of cooks
• Able to accept and receive criticism from seniors in goodwill and work to improve in the weak area immediately
• Awareness of state-approved hygiene and food safety policy