Lead Line Cook Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 6, 2018

Position Overview

A lead line cook usually shows his mettle when the head chef or cook isn’t around.

But the work of a lead line cook is not dependent on the availability of the chef. The basic idea behind hiring a lead line cook is to make sure that there is someone to look after the chain of food preparation work.

A lead line cook typically performs his duties to ensure that all kitchen personnel performs their duties with precision, and according to instructions.

Lead line cooks do not only work in a supervisory role. In fact, they play an important role in cooking entrees. A chef or head cook depends highly on the talents of a lead line cook to ensure that the kitchen is appropriately handled and continuously remain operational. Without the support of a lead line cook, the head chef may not get a chance to perform his work with diligence.


To work as a lead line cook, you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED. While many employers may not ask for formal culinary training, it is essential to maintain some knowledge of working in a culinary setting. If you get a chance to attend a culinary course, you stand a better chance at being hired as a lead line cook.

The following are some of the duties that you will be performing in lead line cook role. These bullet statements will help to build a lead line cook resume.


Job Description for Lead Line Cook Resume


• Ascertain that all line cooks and kitchen hands are working according to the set protocols and procedures of the kitchen.

• Create a schedule for kitchen staff members and ensure that this schedule is followed appropriately.

• Oversee the work of line cooks to ensure that they are working on timelines and are following hygiene practices effectively.

• Perform food preparation work such as cutting, marinating, cubing and slicing fruits, vegetables, and meats.

• Assist the head cook by preparing salads and soups, and assist in preparing main entrees.

• Ascertain that the kitchen area is adequately cleaned and sanitized before and after each shift.

• Oversee portion control issues, and train line cooks in portioning and preparing food items according to established standards.

• Evaluate the quality of food items obtained from suppliers to ensure that it gels with the standards of the organization.

• Ascertain that food items are stored correctly in designated areas, and ensure that food rotation activities are performed promptly.

• Train line cooks and other kitchen staff members to ensure that they are in sync with the restaurant’s food safety, hygiene and sanitation standards.