Prep cooks are responsible for providing assistance to lead cooks in a hospitality setting. They may work in restaurants, coffee shops and hotels and are required to assist cooks in cleaning, preparing ingredients and managing simple cooking functions. Prep cooks polish their skills to eventually work as cooks.

If a prep cook under your supervision is thinking to leave their job and asking for a recommendation letter, you may utilize the following sample to help them obtain their job next job successfully.



Prep Cook Recommendation Letter Sample


September 4, 2016


To Whom It May Concern

I am pleased to recommend Abraham Cole for the position of Prep Cook at Hilton Suites. Abraham has worked as prep cook for Hyatt for almost two years and proved to be a model employee where professionalism and courtesy is concerned. He is very conscientious about his duties as his work demonstrates a great attention to detail which is a rare quality in these times.

Abraham has been rotated in a number of positions within his present role and has showed tremendous acumen for everything. From cleaning activities to managing to cook complex dishes, he had been an absolute asset to us over the months. He took initiative in assisting the front-end staff when he was not on duty in the kitchen. He had been commended by many hotel patrons due to his commitment in excellence.

As an extremely personable individual with a keen eye for organization, Abraham will definitely be an asset to whichever place he will work for. Again, I strongly recommend him for Prep Cook position as I believe in his ability to be a credit to his employers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.



Kelly Atikins
Manager HR
Tel: (000) 124-8544