11 Line Cook Interview Questions and Answers

Updated October 31, 2021
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A line cook interview seems quite challenging to deal with, but, in fact, it is not a “problem.”

Interviews are not something we can avoid if we want to attain a job, which is why it is essential to take them very seriously.

As a matter of fact, an interview helps recruiters to judge if an individual is a good fit for a line cook position.

So it is up to the candidate to make sure that he or she answers in a way that makes him appear to be a good fit.

As a matter of fact, line cook interviews are an excellent avenue for candidates even if they don’t end up getting a job.

A conversation can teach us much in terms of what to expect and how to answer.

One unsuccessful interview can become the basis of the next possibly successful one!

Since interviews hold so much importance, it is vital to make sure that we prepare well for them.

Line Cook interview preparation includes researching the company so that you know what its goals are and making sure that you research questions that you may have about the line cook position.

The following set of line cook interview questions and answers will provide you with complete guidance.

11 Common Line Cook Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me something about yourself?

I possess an associate’s degree in culinary arts and have worked as a junior cook for the past two years.

Moreover, I am an organized person who has a demonstrated ability to run and maintain a clean cooking station.

2. Why did you choose this profession?

Food is my passion, and I enjoy experimenting with different flavors. My exposure to different parts of the world helped me develop an understanding of various cuisines, and I like to invent fusion dishes, which is why I opted for a culinary career.

3. Tell us about some of the duties that you performed every day.

(Employers ask this question to find out how much you know about your work and what experience you have had previously. Be precise, but make sure that you provide information on essential tasks.)

Station set up, food preparation, stocking, cleaning, and some amount of cooking are some of the duties that I performed on a daily basis.

4. What strategies do you apply to keep yourself organized?

I am an inborn manager and usually enter my workstation pre-organized. To ensure the organization at work, I always send requisition for supplies needed at least one day in advance.

Similarly, I pay particular attention to prep work. Things are least likely to go wrong at a cooking station if the prep targets are achieved well in time.

5. Do you think a cook needs mathematical skills?

Definitely! A cook needs mathematical skills to weigh things accurately, make unit conversions and double or divide ingredient quantities to attain the desired amount of any given recipe

6. Explain a time when you faced a difficult situation and how you dealt with it?

During the last holiday season, while I was in charge of the pastry station, a colleague who was in charge of the entrée station had to go on urgent leave. I covered up for him while maintaining my station as well.

The first day was a bit difficult, but then I developed and applied some useful strategies and did all that was possible beforehand to ensure timely food service. I was able to run both stations simultaneously without extra help for a week

7. Share a significant achievement you have made as a line cook previously?

I contributed a particular sauce recipe to serve with the restaurant’s most famous Crisp Fried Fish, and it was included in the menu. I also initiated and implemented high quality safe and hygienic workstation practices at the restaurant which were highly commended by the sous chef

8. What skills do you think a line cook should possess to be successful in his / her work?

(Be careful! The interviewer is trying to gauge if you own all the skills that you are supposed to. Provide detailed information on some of the critical skills that you believe a line cook should have.)

The first skill a line cook should possess is the ability to prepare food following food handlers’ guidelines. He should also possess knowledge of cooking procedures and safety rules for kitchen equipment.

Additionally, he must be able to do repetitive work without getting bored and be flexible with job duties that he may is entrusted with.

9. What would you do if you found that kitchen equipment entrusted to another line cook is broken or in poor repair?

If I come across something like this, I must talk to the responsible individual and explain to him that he needs to report the problem.

10. How do you ensure a smooth service period?

(This is a question to determine how well you know your work. Be specific as to what you believe is the right set of activities to ensure smooth services.)

Seamless service is the basis of any food service organization. To ensure this, I make sure that there are sufficient stock and levels of food supplies available to line stations at all times.

11. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

As a highly motivated individual with a culinary passion, in the next 5 years, I see myself working as a head chef.