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Updated September 28, 2022
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A line cook is responsible for preparing and serving food items. They create an exceptional culinary experience for guests and report to Chef, Sous Chef, or Kitchen Manager.

What is the Purpose of a Line Cook Resume?

A resume for the line cook position is a great marketing tool that sells YOU!

The purpose of writing a line cook resume is to get an interview.

It is a screening tool for employers to short-list the most skilled candidates.

This document draws the hiring manager’s attention to your relevant qualifications, experience, and expertise while summarizing how your line cook skills and capabilities will contribute to their success.

Here are 2 great resume samples for line cook position.

Line Cook Resume Sample 1

John Doe
659 West Street
Atlantic City, NJ 05444
(000) 748-8121
john @ email . com


Kitchen Management | Customer Service | Cooking

Performance-driven Line Cook with 15+ years of extensive experience working at renowned restaurants in New Jersey. Demonstrated ability to perform all kinds of prep work, set up cook’s stations, and maintain food presentations and quality. Diligent and versatile with a verifiable track record of preparing all menu items hygienically according to the recipes. Known for ensuring an exceptional guest experience through the best combination of food and drinks in a fun environment.


  • Documented success in progressively responsible experience in the culinary field.
  • Highly skilled in preparing a diverse range of food items.
  • Knowledge of safety, cleanliness, and safe food handling measures.
  • Well-versed in using and maintaining all equipment in the station correctly.
  • Repeated records of excellence in culinary service.
  • Exceptional talent for taking and executing orders


Line Cook
City Restaurant, Atlantic City, NJ
Jan 2015 – Present

  • Collaborated with a team of 5 cooks, preparing different kinds of food items in a hygienic and timely manner, which increased the patron’s satisfaction by 50%.
  • Set up a station in keeping with restaurant guidelines, increasing efficiency by 100%.
  • Place uncompromising focus on cleaning and maintenance of service station.
  • Maintain a hygienic and fully-organized kitchen and storage areas.
  • Follow recipes, piece controls, and presentation specifications as set by the restaurant management.
  • Ensure restocking of items as required throughout the shift.

Cook’s Helper
Management Corporation, New York, NY 
Nov 2006 – Jan 2015

  • Earned consistently favorable performance evaluations based on great food and salad preparation.
  • Planned different meats and assisted in serving line.
  • Stored food items correctly, decreasing wastage by 30%.
  • Took and replenished raw food to serving lines.
  • Prepared food service records and production sheets.
  • Maintained the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation.
  • Worked peacefully and efficiently under pressure.

Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts
Community College – New York, NY 


  • Able to work efficiently in a team environment
  • Reading and understanding basic cooking procedures
  • Standing 100% during duty time
  • Bearing environmental exposures to cold, heat, and water
  • Lifting and carrying up to 40 pounds of weight

Line Cook Resume Sample 2

Tommy Douglas
459 Gibson Street, Arcadia, FL 59871
(000) 474-8785 
tomdoug @ email . com


Passionate culinary arts professional with 5+ years of extensive experience in food preparation and cooking according to specific recipes in large hospitality settings. Able to prepare food items such as vegetables, meats, and fruits to keep them ready to be used in different dishes.


  • First-hand experience in following given recipes and quality standards to prepare food items using different methods and kitchen equipment.
  • Unmatched ability to ensure the quality of food being served by diligently inspecting it at arrival from suppliers.
  • Strong focus on adhering to the restaurant’s policies and processes, cooking methods, and standard portion size to ensure consistent quality of served food items.

• Introduced a series of quality assurance steps that increased food quality by 58%.
• Implemented a food rotation system that reduced food spoilage by 85%.
• Trained 15 line cooks in cake decoration techniques, with a special focus on popular fondant art.
• Inmplemented a health section within the menu, which resulted in an increase in customer base by 55%.


Line Cook
(5/2020 – Present)
• Inspect the received raw materials such as fruit, vegetables, and meat for both quality and quantity.
• Cut, chop and marinate food items such as meats and vegetables so that they can be used in cooking.
• Prepare soups and salads according to specific instructions provided by the chef.
• Assist the chef in creating dishes off the menu by ensuring that ingredients are properly measured.
• Oversee cooking activities in the event of the chef’s absence.
• Mix ingredients such as batter for cakes and waffles and ensure that leftovers are stored for later.
• Perform proper food rotation services to keep raw food items from spoiling.
• Portion and arrange food items aesthetically on dishes and platters and ensure that each order is followed up so that it is delivered on time.
• Clean and maintain kitchen equipment such as grills, fryers, and ovens as part of preventative maintenance programs.

Culinary Aide
(1/2017 – 5/2020)
• Assisted chefs in cooking food items by preparing ingredients such as meats and vegetables.
• Helped in making soups and salads as instructed in the recipe booklet.
• Handled cleaning and disinfecting duties to ensure cleanliness and maintenance of kitchen areas such as counters and floors.
• Performed preventative maintenance on kitchen equipment such as grills, warmers, and ovens.
• Assisted in handling food items inventory and stocking duties.

Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts
Community College, Arcadia, FL
Professional Cookery | Methods of Cooking 
Stocks, Sauces, and Soups | Baking, and Pastry 
Breakfast Production | Storeroom Operations 
Purchasing | Cost Control

• Food Stocking/Inventory • Quality Assurance
• Standardized Portioning • Garnishing
• Food Rotation and Storage • International Cuisine
• Equipment Operation • Quantity Determination
• Specialty Food Preparation • Cake Decoration
• Menu Preparation • Sanitation


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