Construction Painter Skills for Resume

Updated: October 9, 2018

You may be surprised to learn that your experience and qualifications are not what defines you as a painter – your skills do.

That is why hiring managers rush to the skills section whenever they pick up a resume. So when you’re filling out that section in your resume, you need to be very cautious and think carefully. If you do that, listing your skills should not be a problem.

Another thing could be, though. If you’re like most people, writing your skills will feel a bit like showing off, and “nice” people don’t do that. However, you must not be shy when you’re writing the construction painter skills – do show off!

You’re selling yourself because this is the job you really want. Remember, the hiring manager does not know you at all, so how is he or she going to find out unless you tell them? You need to convince the hiring manager that you’re the best person for the job, that the company can’t do without you if it wants to progress. Writing your skills correctly is an excellent way to do this. It might just get you the job.

Here is a list of skills that a construction painter needs, so if you’re applying for such a job, it will help you:

Construction Painter Skills for Resume

• Demonstrated expertise in painting buildings and other structures, whether or not construction is complete.

• Adept at climbing up high scaffoldings on construction sites in order to get to the location of the place.

• Highly skilled in the use of hand and power tools with the intention to prepare surfaces for painting.

• Solid track record of mixing paints, colors as well as types, to get the right shades and textures.

• Proven ability to apply paints, by using tools like rollers, brushes, and spray guns.

• Skillful in preparing surfaces by using oil, stains, latex, primers or sealers.

• Proficient in using putty, plaster or caulk to fill in cracks or anything else that needs covering.

• Effectively able to take care of surfaces, painted or otherwise, by the use of drop cloths, masking tape, plastic sheets, or other materials.

• Exceptionally well-versed in making measurements so as to calculate numbers and expenses of required material.

• Competent in reading and understanding work orders in order to ensure the quality of the job.

• Deep familiarity with using computer applications for the purpose of writing daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

• Complete comprehension of different building materials, aimed at ensuring smoothness of painting job and color shades.

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