7 Foreman Resume Objective Examples and Guide

Updated on: October 30, 2020
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If you are a competent foreman but you do not convey your competencies to the recruiter, then you reduce the chances of employment. That said, while the competencies as a foreman are valuable, it is also imperative to make sure that you are perceived as a competent individual.

How is this possible? With an objective statement. A foreman resume objective helps determine the direction of your resume by highlighting your core competencies, as well as enthusiasm.

When a recruiter picks up a foreman resume, the objective statement immediately gets their attention persuades them to read the resume in detail. 

The following are 8 sample objectives of a foreman to help you with writing your objective. 

7 Sample Objectives for a Foreman Resume

1. To work for Velex as a Foreman. Offering 21 years’ track record of motivating and developing workers to handle various construction activities to complete high-quality construction projects on time.

2. Strong desire to obtain a position as a Foreman at Lauren Engineers providing the benefit of 9 years’ hands-on experience in assigning work orders to employees based on their individual skills. 

3. Looking for a position as a Foreman with Constellation Brands leveraging expertise in managing field crew to handle the day to day production and progress of projects.

4. Seeking a Foreman position at Webber using extensive expertise handling personnel functions, such as hiring, training, and assessing workers to effectively coordinate activities on construction sites.

5. To work as a Foreman at St Wooten. Bringing unmatched ability to supervise and direct crew members to assure completion of assigned projects on time and in accordance with set standards and procedures.

6. To obtain a position as a Foreman at Pike Electric Company utilizing deep insight into preparing work orders and assigning them to the right personnel to ensure the best outcome.

Entry Level Foreman Objective With No Experience

7. Detail-oriented foreman with exceptional knowledge of leading and motivating crew members to get the best project results gained through apprenticeship. Able to train and develop workers in their assigned areas.