Construction Superintendent Resume Objectives

Updated on: May 5, 2018

Much like the summary, a resume objective has a lot to offer to a hiring manager who does not want to go through the rigmarole of reading an entire two-page resume.

By reading the objective – a good one, that is – two things can happen:

1. The hiring manager will be encouraged to read the rest of the resume.
2. The hiring manager will not need to read the rest of the resume to decide that you are it.

In the first instance, the resume objective will persuade a hiring manager to take an interest in the many things that you want to tell him or her through your resume.

He or she will be encouraged to go through the rest of the resume, looking for information on your skills, accomplishments, academic background, and experience. And through this, he or she will be able to decide that you need to come in for an interview.

The second situation will encourage the hiring manager to call you in for an interview because he doesn’t need to read the rest of the resume.

But if neither of these situations transpires, it probably means that your resume objective is not up to the mark. Do not fret about this. Look through the following samples of resume objectives to obtain a heads-up:

Sample Objectives for Construction Superintendent Resume

• Seeking a position as a Construction Superintendent at KPI Construction Company making the most of exceptionally well-placed skills in overseeing the work of construction personnel, and handling inventory management work.

• Looking for a Construction Superintendent position at Santa Clara Development Corporation, employing expertise in scheduling subcontractors, consultants, and vendors, to ensure timely completion of projects and project modules.

• Desire a position as a Construction Superintendent at LTI Contracting. Offering proven abilities to coordinate all construction project activities and services, across different construction teams, in addition to overseeing strict build-out schedules to ensure that milestones are reached.

• Highly experienced, skilled, and resourceful individual, with over 10 years of exposure to working in a construction oversight capacity. Presently seeking a construction Superintendent position at Tesoro Companies Inc. using hands-on experience in working with project engineers and planners, to ensure timely completion of all assigned projects.

• To obtain a Construction Superintendent position at CP Construction Corp. Eager to apply expertise in performing inspections to evaluate work performed by labor, and to ensure that deadlines are met.