Best 5 Construction Management Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: March 29, 2021

Though the full resume for a construction management job is essential and every section requires special attention, an objective statement perhaps holds the highest importance.

The objective statement or career goal is crucial for two reasons.

Firstly, it is the foremost thing the employer reads, forming the first section of any resume.

Secondly, it is a chance for the candidate to reflect all the employer wanted skills in very little space – like an advertisement.

Candidates often misinterpret the purpose of including an objective statement in a construction manager’s resume.

The ultimate goal is to state an offer. Your resume objective must reflect what you will have to offer and how it could be beneficial for the hiring company.

For this reason, cut out personal goals; do not mention your desire to expand your career or seeking professional growth.

These things are understood, and the employer already knows that; since everybody applies for the same reasons.

What they want to read is what you have to offer, what’s in it for them and that’s it! No other details needed.

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Construction Management Resume Objective Examples

Since modern resumes are topped with career summaries instead of objective statements, it is a common trend to write objectives that look like performance summaries and serve a dual purpose.

For a construction management resume objective, it is important to highlight two or three professional strengths, ideally your knowledge of construction safety guidelines, your expertise in the implementation of modern construction techniques, and above all, your management skills.

1. Looking for a challenging position as a construction supervisor to implement excellent construction management skills and technical administration expertise.

2. A seasoned construction management professional, seeking a position with ABC Company. Offering 5+ years of experience in commercial and industrial construction projects. Particularly useful in negotiation, personnel supervision, and contractor selection on diverse projects including road building, renovating, building construction and renovation.

3. To secure a construction management position with Parsons Corporation utilizing acquired skills and experience in multiple projects management, subcontractor administration, and OSHA building safety guidelines implementations.

4. Industrious, accomplished construction guru seeking work in a management capacity. Particularly skilled in environmental remediation projects, modern construction techniques implementation, and subcontractor supervision.

It is a good idea to be innovative while developing your resume objective. Using light formatting or bulleting in your objective statement enhances it and highlights your core competencies even more. For example:

5. Construction manager with 5+ years of documented success in the field. Seeking work with ABC Company utilizing expertise in:

✔ Construction/demolition project management
✔ OSHA building safety guidelines compliance
✔ Infrastructure improvement projects implementation
✔ Construction cost evaluation and budgeting

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