Construction Project Manager Achievements Examples

Updated on: May 5, 2021

Since construction project managers work in a supervisory role, they must show a hiring manager that they have specific achievements to their name.

A hiring authority will want to know how much you know about leading teams to perform construction work, and how successful you have been in it.

Technically, your achievements should roam around the arena of what I did make a considerable positive effect on the company.

This will show the hiring manager that you are an exceptional individual to hire because you have accomplished so much in the past.

It will also show him or her that you are ready to face challenges and achieve something despite them. For instance, a construction project manager can recall the time when he met unrealistic deadlines.

This piece of information will tell the hiring manager that you are capable of working hard and contributing to an organization.

The Construction Project Manager Resume achievements should be short and sweet, and mention of numbers and figures makes a huge difference. 

Construction Project Manager Achievements Examples

• Successfully and singlehandedly planned a series of construction projects by implementing a core understanding of the work.

• Devised a resource determination system, as a result, decreased planning time by 65%.

• Introduced a unique construction permit obtainment plan, thereby, reducing the time by 50%.

• Decreased costs by $400000 by bringing on board an inexpensive but high-quality materials vendor.

• Grew customer base by 40% owing to exceptional services, and consequent word of mouth advertising.

• Met construction project deadlines consistently for five years.

• Improved ties with key suppliers and vendors, as a result, reduced delivery time by 85%.

• Directed 6 teams of construction workers in order to complete a rush project, meeting deadlines constantly.

• Boosted company earnings by 65%, by ensuring repeat business from corporate clients.

• Trained 100+ workers in performing construction work, as part of their induction plan.

• Redesigned an entire villa in 3 days, meeting the customer’s expectations by 100%.

• Attained Employee of the Year award, due to exceptional results throughout 2020.

• Introduced a new insulation material vendor that helped in decreasing construction costs by 5%.

• Solved a dispute between 2 construction work teams, thereby, reduced the threat to the deadline.

• Streamlined the construction materials and equipment inventory, making it 55% more efficient than before.

• Implemented a system to obtain construction approvals, hence, reduced wait time by 75%.

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