Construction Foreman Resume Objectives

Updated on February 24, 2016

If you want to include an objective statement in your resume for foreman position, make sure it is very specific. The objective is typically just a few sentences long and it clearly identifies the exact role which the candidate is applying for.


The purpose of a construction foreman resume objective is to highlight the position you seek along with the core competencies you offer in return. It is like a proposal statement, so don’t make it all about yourself. Ideally, objective statements are employer focused and communicate what you can do for the employer if hired for a certain role.

Customize your resume objective for the specific industry you are applying in by enriching it with relevant keywords and enhance its impact by inserting some powerful adjectives. This enables you to reap the benefits of formatting your resume objective like a profile/summary while also fulfilling the basic purpose of an objective.

Sample Objectives for Construction Foreman Resume 

• Methodical and industrious Construction Foreman seeking a position with Solid Builders. Offering skills in supervision of construction related operations, team management and blueprint interpretation. Familiar with OSHA workplace safety protocols.

• Adroit and industrious Construction Foreman seeking work with D&D Builders. Expert in planning and directing day to day activities at construction sites. A vigilant and detail oriented individual who has profound organizational skills, well versed in enhancing team productivity. Track record of attaining high levels of customer satisfaction by ensuring accurate interpretation and implementation of the given drawings.

• Dependable and safety-minded Construction Foreman seeking a position with Wilson & Co. Apt at developing and implementing effective construction work related SOPs. A team oriented professional who has profound managerial skills and well versed in crew management. Track record of meeting and exceeding the clients’ expectations regarding construction quality and project timeliness.

• Competent and resourceful Construction Foreman enthusiastic to work for Yale Builders. Bringing 5+ years’ diverse experience in construction projects’ supervision. Proficient in team development and duty allocation while conducting quality inspections to ensure perfection of the finished project in terms of design and durability.

• Energetic professional eager to attain a Construction Foreman position with Arizona Builders where skills in construction management, team development and lineman supervision could be utilized to productive use of the firm.

• A challenging position as a Construction Foreman at Heavy Builders that could be effectively benefited from my expertise in crew management, safety operations and power-line construction. Excellent leadership skills with extensive knowledge of construction work related PPE usage.